'Street Fighter 6' Cast Appears To Leak After Sony's 'State Of Play' Presentation

June 3rd, 2022 - 11:43 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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Street Fighter 6 was shown in more detail beyond Wide Ryu during yesterday's State of Play livestream from PlayStation, and there was plenty for fans to get excited about. Early takeaways from many are that Chun-Li looks good and the much-maligned logo has been (slightly) upgraded. Fans were also excited about another feature of the game Capcom didn't reveal in yesterday's trailer β€” the game's entire base roster, which appears to have leaked.

The leak, though unconfirmed, includes several familiar faces along with seven newcomers, as well as designs that have some fans excited for the literal street-fighting aesthetic of the game.

Capcom appears to have planted the seeds of the leak themselves. On the Street Fighter website, there is an image of the game's online matchmaking portal, dubbed the "Battle Hub."

street fighter 6 battle hub

As discussed by Redditor SoupHot, close inspection of the brackets on each side of the above image reveals several fighters (some technically not confirmed) for Street Fighter 6, including Ryu, Juri, E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, Cammy, Guile, Zangief and a new character named Lily. It's unclear if the design leak is related to Capcom's "unintentional" "leak" of some characters, but does give the full roster leak an air of legitimacy.

Obviously, until there's official confirmation from Capcom, we won't know if the leak is actually legitimate, but for now, fans are running with the idea that it is indeed real, and it seems that for the most part, they dig it β€” particularly Chun-Li's changes.

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