The Jordan Peterson Skrillex Photo Is Already The Best Collab Of The Year, Getting Memed Instantly

February 5th, 2022 - 10:27 AM EST by Owen Carry

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Jordan Peterson Skrillex Photo.

Yet another glitch in the matrix has happened. Internet psychologist Jordan Peterson and dubstep artist Skrillex have finally met in real life. Peterson posted a photo of him and his new friend to Twitter yesterday, inspiring meme creators to exploit the meeting of the minds en masse.

On Friday, Peterson tweeted, "Good to see you yesterday @Skrillex," surprising a lot of people on the platform. At first, they didn't know what to think, until a follow-up tweet was posted later that included the photo. The exact reason for their meeting is still unknown.

Fans of theirs were happy about the unlikely crossover, tweeting about a possible, upcoming EP or complimenting their appearances in various ways. Others claimed Skrillex was based or brought up 2000s nostalgia when tracks like "Bangarang" and the "Cinema" remix were on every iPod around the globe.

But Peterson hasn't been received well in the media lately. Last month, he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience where he gave some takes that were deemed "questionable" by people. This has led to a recent wave of cancelation aimed at the professor, who has now added some of that weight to Skrillex's reputation. At least, this is what users on Twitter were saying, as they posted subsequent memes and tweets about Skrillex's "new arc."

In reality, what kind of viral marketing campaign is this? It adds to an expanding list of odd, celebrity meet-ups that these two have been a part of, like Skrillex and comedian Larry David posing together in a photo from 2014. Maybe Peterson is just springboarding off of his recent photo with Joe Rogan, which was also remixed heavily, snowballing his virality with each black-and-white edit. As these two continue to surface within the 2022 mainstream, both of them might be using their likeness for increased, meme publicity.

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