TikTok Appears To Panic As President Biden Takes Aim At Contentious App Following Federal Device Ban

March 1st, 2023 - 4:32 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Tiktok federal ban biden meme.

Falling in line with other countries such as Canada and India (and some specific states), the United States has officially enacted a ban on TikTok from being installed on government devices.

At the same time, a bill passed through Congress yesterday that's now heading to the House floor for a vote could also give President Biden the power to extend the ban further (and with more powerful results) in what would be a crushing blow to the Chinese social media company's usage.

This news was accompanied by the White House Secretary speaking to concerned members of the media about the ban, and what they believed was the motive behind it.

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As expected, there were plenty of dissidents to the proposed ban of the social media platform, with many citing the First Amendment as a reason for it to stay active and not be bannable. There was also a notable amount of skepticism from some over the company's ties to China, with others believing that it's not because China owns the parent company Bytedance, but that it's merely due to anyone that isn't the U.S. government being in control of the social media platform (ignoring the fact that other countries have banned it for similar concerns in recent years).

Government TikTok Control

Earlier today, TikTok itself responded to this potential ban with its own statement about helping spread "American culture" across the planet to billions of active users, once again citing freedom of speech as a key point.

screenshot of the response by TikTok on the potential ban

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If the USA goverment does ban tik tok, then good.

Tiktok might be one of the worst social media sites due to encouraging short attention spans, conspiracy theories, teen recording there cringe stuff that would bite them in the ass, battshit ideas of social stuff, bad memes, and the chinese government mostly likely spying and spreading chaos. Seriously I would like the data spy to at least be native to my home country

Also it been ammo for far right wingers to make themsleves look rational and good.


Tiktok is basically all the worst things about social media, squeezed out and amplified by 10. I hate it when people say it would violate their freedom, because TikTok is essentially getting a needle of cheap dopamine while your dealer tells you about conspiracy theories and easy ways to commit suicide. On top of being literal spyware from a government currently running concentration camps. And that's mean to function like a slot machine on top of that.


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