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TikToker At IHOP Catches Woman Reacting To Her Cringe, Sparking Debate On TikToking In Public

By Adam

Published 9 months ago

Published 9 months ago

The International House of Pancakes was the site of a cringe crime earlier this week, when a TikToker filmed herself doing a "happy dance" upon receiving her order of pancakes.

As @addictedtoana did her quirky dance, a woman at an adjacent table visibly cringed at the display. The clip gained over 30 million views in a week, and a follow-up in which @addictedtoana pointed out the bystander's cringing gained an additional 7 million watches.

@addictedtoana The best part of this video is the woman jugding me #humor ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

The incident set off a debate on social media, as users argued if the TikToker was in the right for drawing attention to the annoyed bystander or if the bystander was right for expressing her emotions.

Many in the TikTok's comments felt "the girl in the back" was relatable, and that sentiment was how the video was introduced to much of Twitter thanks to a tweet from @ericriveracooks. However, as the video spread, some users thought the bystander and commenters were too mean for reacting with annoyance at a woman harmlessly dancing as she received her order.

Price the Creator's commentary defending the TikToker. Feydemon's take on the TikTok.

Others were annoyed at the "Let People Enjoy Things" attitude purveying discourse around the clip.

Several pointed out that the woman did not consent to be filmed for @addictedtoana's happy dance and reacted normally to an unusual and performative display of behavior.

Malcxmflex's take on the video. Chadnotchud's take on the video.

While social media debated the ethics of filming strangers and potentially giving them unwanted, viral attention, @addictedtoana seems like she has no ill will toward the cringing woman.

In the comments of her TikToks, she has expressed that she thinks the woman adds to the self-effacing comedy of her "happy dance" and joked she'd like to "party" with her.

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