Twitch Streamer Atrioc Accidentally Reveals Browser With Deepfake Pornography Of Other Streamers While Live

January 30th, 2023 - 1:45 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Atrioc deep fake porn bonk meme and tweet.

This weekend, Twitch streamer Atrioc (who recently quit his job at Nvidia to pursue a fulltime job representing his company Off-Brand and streaming) accidentally leaked his own browser during a livestream via alt-tabbing, purportedly showing some controversial NSFW content that's now resulting in backlash against him.

Streamers commonly alt-tab to switch between windows to bring up content to watch or play, but in this instance, one of Atrioc's windows was unlike the innocent others, as it contained an image gallery full of deepfakes.

The images shown to the entire livestream viewership were deepfakes of people who haven't done adult content (created by matching the person's face and skin tone to an already existing nude body to create the illusion of adult content being made by the person), and in this particular case, the images were of other prominent streamers, most notably Pokimane.

Almost immediately, clips, screenshots and other references to the incident began surfacing on social media as users began posting about the gaffe.

As word continued to spread, Atrioc later uploaded an apology video with his wife accompanying him in the background as he cried, but in the eyes of many, the damage was already done and a large number of people decidedly called for him to go to horny jail.

The ensuing memes and reactions to him, stemming from the mindset that he's looking at deepfaked images of people he knows in real life, have led to callousness towards his apology video and him altogether.

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