Twitch Streamer TheGrefg Treats Two Million Awards Show Viewers To ASCII 'Among Us' Penis

January 31st, 2023 - 2:35 PM EST by Adam Downer

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One wonders what compels one of the world's biggest Twitch streamers to hold a formal event in which part of the proceedings involve subjecting the audience to unmoderated Twitch chat, but Spanish streamer TheGrefg did just that on Sunday and exactly what everyone thought would happen, happened — one chatter posted an ASCII art Among Us penis.

For non-Spanish readers unfamiliar with TheGrefg, the streamer is one of the most popular internet figures on the planet. He has over 20 million YouTube subscribers and once obliterated Twitch's all-time concurrent viewers record in a stream where he revealed his Fortnite skin. On Sunday, he hosted the second annual Premios ESLAND, which awards top Spanish-speaking streamers on Twitch (similar to The Streamer Awards).

During a segment where TheGrefg turned to look at the Twitch chat happening behind him, one sussy viewer posted an ASCII Among Us imposter with a massive, uncensored dong for all 1.75 million viewers and the sizable in-person crowd to see.

It's unclear if TheGrefg was behind the bright idea to let Twitch chat play behind him as he attempted to present, but he seems to be taking the snafu in good humor.

There is also a meme flying around with a far more explicit rendering of the moment, which seems natural given the surreality of the circumstance.

The ASCII Amongpenus joins a long line of livestream fails that have resulted from letting an unmoderated chat play during public events. Just a year ago, a similar instance occurred in the Italian Senate where NSFW material of Tifa from Final Fantasy was shown to politically minded thinkers.

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