Twitter Aghast At Video Of Rupi Kaur Reading Her Own Poem

March 23rd, 2021 - 11:40 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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rupi kaur tiktok

Poet Rupi Kaur is something of an infamous literary figure on the internet. Though she's quite successful, especially compared to other poets online, her poetry's plain prose and simplistic presentation has made her simultaneously perfect for Instagram and highly meme-worthy. Here's an example of one of her poems:

rupi kaur poem

Though she's not exactly John Milton, her book Milk and Honey saw a reasonable amount of success and a fair bit of backlash and parodies around 2017. She had disappeared from the internet's eye in the years since, until yesterday evening, when a video of her reading one of her poems on TikTok went viral for being very creepy.

The poem's clear sexual metaphor and Kaur's, er, zealous performance of it left users creeped out and ready to meme Kaur anew.

The performance unearthed a slew of Kaur parodies, with people posting their best Kaur impressions.

While critics may be divided on Kaur's work, it's hard to deny the emotional impact of pieces like this:

rupi kaur knowyourmeme parody

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