VTuber Silvervale Latest Streamer To Purportedly Face Harassment For Streaming 'Hogwarts Legacy'

February 21st, 2023 - 12:22 PM EST by Adam Downer

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Hogwarts Legacy is at the center of yet another Twitch controversy. Weeks after Shelby of Girlfriend Reviews was moved to tears by the toxicity in her Hogwarts Legacy chat, VTuber Silvervale had a similar experience, as the chat in her stream of Hogwarts Legacy got out of hand a few days ago.

In an emotional outburst, surreally juxtaposed with her smiling model, Silvervale sobbed through claims she had been doxxed and harassed for streaming Hogwarts Legacy β€” an occurrence that's been purported by many other streamers since it released two weeks ago.

The game has been a hotbed of controversy primarily due to its association with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who is accused of being a TERF. While Rowling had no involvement in the game's creation, she will receive royalties from its success, causing activists to call for the game's boycott.

In the case of Silvervale, some contend that Silvervale is misrepresenting the facts of the incident, potentially setting up blowback against the trans community. Silvervale had been streaming the game for days, and while people had disagreed with that decision in her chat, some stated that the chat remained a healthy space. The issue arose when viewers discovered the word "trans" had been banned from her chat.

One circulating clip shows a user typing "Trans Rights Are Human Rights" in Silvervale's chat and getting "timed-out" for 10 minutes, meaning they couldn't post in the chat for that duration.

Silvervale defended herself by saying that she had not instructed her mods to ban the word "trans" from her stream, but that the word auto-banned by Twitch and messages with the word were held for manual review.

Furthermore, others stated there was no proof online that Silvervale was purportedly doxxed, as she publicly claimed. Some have contended she was never doxxed for playing Hogwarts Legacy and may have been referring to a 2021 doxxing of the VShojo community. Others noted that the controversy only served to intensify hatred against trans people in the gaming space.

At the moment, the specifics of what happened with Silvervale are murky, as her claims of doxxing have not been verified with evidence and the most intense examples of toxicity on both sides seem to have appeared after the controversy went viral.

What's certain is that Hogwarts Legacy has become a problem for anyone who plays or is associated with the game on social media, even as the game breaks records on Twitch.

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King Crimson
King Crimson

Gee I wonder why Twitch could have possibly banned the word "trans" from chat when this kind of shit JUST KEEPS HAPPENING. It is getting hard to even disagree with the decision when TRAs have become so vile and toxic in the online space.


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