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2939 Views Created 8 years ago By Gabenus Trollucus • Updated 10 months ago

Created By Gabenus Trollucus • Updated 10 months ago

EbenezerWilkesSmith @the torff now Seriously, this looks more racist than the original. Way to go, 2016. #Ghostbusters Tanya D. @cypheroftyr That trailer really soured me on the new Ghostbusters flick, tired of the sassy, strong black sidekick trope. Do better y'all. L3 Kristin E ⑦SexyLikeMeiosis-now #Ghostbusters is female-led, but it's still #whitewashed AF. What's with the racist portrayal of the "sidekick"? #HollywoodSoWhite 23 Melinda Green @greenmelinda now Ok...hear me out. I swear I'm not just hating because there's too much f"king Wiig. The new#Ghostbusters is kind of racist. 27 Allison Mick @allison_mick now the new#Ghostbusters is racist 13 Gravity Gunner @Gravity Gunner now So Wiig & McCarthy are playing themselves again, there's a racist stereotype character and nobody watched the original movie·#ghostbusters


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