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Regarding the obligatory "Sword/Shield" comments.The riff in the fan isn't between 2 types of people, it's between 6 types of people on 2 sides.
On the Pro side:
-Those looking forward to the games despite it's flaws still see some good from what's presented.
-Those looking forward to the games because they carry the "Pokemon" title. A title carries nostalgia and nostalgia that's supposed to guaranty some escape from the negatives of life and provide goods feel. To point out anything negative about he games or the developers is seen as attacking/threatening their nostalgia and feeling good.
-Those only propping and praising the games because it pays to do so in either actual money or the social profit and clout tat comes from being a "positive" personality.
On the Con side:
-Those voicing their displeasure in the direction the game have gone and spreading the word in hopes the Producers and Developers will listen and make a better product.
-Those who have, for lack of better words, always shitted on the games, nitpicking to no end or merit for whatever reason (or Doomers for short)
-Those, the real entitled, who are convinced that a company/ creator must bend to their whims to point going way the fuck over the line and making death threats (not just a spicy meme, real threats) and false accusations.
As for those that don't give shit, well exactly that; they don't give a shit so what about them?


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