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Chris the Lovable Jerk
Chris the Lovable Jerk

I gotta wonder how MoveBob ever had a career. He's not funny or insightful, his politics are like a parody of leftists, he's so full of hate for the working class that Hitler would likely nod in approval, he's utterly delusional about the civilian space travel and I think any guy who skips his grandma's funeral to play a video game is an obvious sociopath.


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He didn't used to be this bad. If you go back and watch the original 100 Game OverThinker episodes, and even some of the early Escape to the Movies, you can actually see a lot of what would become the cornerstones of the YouTube Vlog gaming discussion format. All with surprisingly strong production value. It's only when GamerGate started that he went full Trump derangment syndrome. Pretty sure the only reason Escapist took him back is because they were so desperate to fill there stocks again.


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