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Armchair Psychologist
Armchair Psychologist

Same energy as skipping a doble ad in a video just to get another doble ad 5 minutes later

It's super obnoxious at this point

Then again, i might be the only loser that doesn't know how to get adblock on iphone

Glimmering Lights
Glimmering Lights

in reply to Armchair Psychologist

I honestly don't know how people can bear watching youtube without adblock. I tried once at some relative's smart tv and the fact I had to sit through 15~30 second ad for nearly every damn video I wanted to watch made it unbearable to me.

Regarding ads there's this stuff too (outside youtbube):

And then there's also those sites that block access if you use adblock too. I swear ALL of them gave up on that eventually as it was quite probably tanking the number of people visiting it.


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