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Soup King
Soup King

So just a couple of technical things I need to go over here.

The first is the blurriness of my avatar throughout the gif. This is caused by the image getting continually stretched and compressed as I slowly turn it around. I could of course keep it clear by continually copying and pasting the first slide whilst deleting the background, so the image only gets modified the once.

However, since this gif of a few seconds is over 100 frames long and the tedium from doing the simple way was still incredibly painful, having to correctly replace the model in the exact same place and then perfectly line it up to match the flow of the last 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 frames would have simply been unbearable and extended the two and a half hours it took to make this to easily three-four days of work minimum.

The second is the speed. This is as fast as the gif maker I use can go whilst remaining stable. Of course, I could simply have made the movements more exaggerated with greater changes between each frame.

However, the issue here is that to give the impression of my avatar falling, the spinning had to be smooth. The only other option would have been to have the background spinning counter clockwise to the model; but since that would instilled a feeling of sea-sickness and I'd rather not vomit all over my laptop, it was an idea that I had to quickly discard.

Hopefully the end result has met ColdnFox's expectations, as well as everyone else's, despite these issues.


Does this mean, Hypothetically, if I were to, say, just Hypothetically, for the sake of the argument, Hypothetically escape Earth's atmosphere and Hypothetically exit the Solar System, that Hypothetically, you, Soup King, in this Hypothetical scenario, could not Hypothetically chase after me or Hypothetically follow me in any Hypothetical way? Just Hypothetically.


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