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I think it's less about it being gross, and more the sentiment that being denied the basic luxury your parents and grandparents enjoyed is to passively subjugate yourself to poverty.

No one understands why it seems like they are being told they can't have the same lifestyle as their parents.
Didn't their parent's generation voluntarily reduce their birthrate to make this unnecessary in response to to government advocacy?
I know when my second sister, a third child, was yet unborn, a doctor tried politely poking to see if my parents wanted an abortion, like that's somehow a normal thing to suggest if you have two children.

We haven't had the Malthusian population bloom we were warned against in the West, so why are we being told we can't keep living the way our parents did?
It feels like a scam.
That some rich scambags, and their friends in government and the ivory tower are trying to force everyone to take a massive cut to their standard of living, while at the same time, technology is supposedly increasing profits and efficiency all around the world.

The reality of course, is that it's actually largely a consequence of the improvements to the standard of living in formerly impoverished areas of the rest of the world, that are driving up demand so severely.
But it's hard to accept that a decrease in global poverty around the world, can force you personally to lower your standard of living.


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