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Miku Binder Thomas Jefferson

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fan art of thomas jefferson and other historical figures imagining them as queer and radical
fan art of thomas jefferson and other historical figures imagining them as queer and radical


Miku Binder Thomas Jefferson, also known as Weeaboo Drug Dealer Thomas Jefferson, refers to an infamous piece of fan art depicting the United States founding father and former president Thomas Jefferson as a transgender former drug dealer who likes anime. In the illustration, he is depicted wearing a breast binder, a piece of clothing used by some trans men and non-binary people, printed with the face of Hatsune Miku. The artwork was part of a series of alternate universe (AU) depictions of founding fathers drawn by Tumblr user umbronydraws, who was depicting figures such as Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens as queer college students, inspired in part by Hamilton. The art was harshly criticized and later widely parodied after the artist expressed their support of police during the George Floyd Protests. Parodies often depict other historical and modern political figures in a similar style, along with a list of alternate universe characteristics.


On September 11th, 2017, Tumblr user @ask-crammaster-ham, an alternate account for artist umbronydraws that posted AU depictions of founding fathers as queer college students, posted their version of Thomas Jefferson with the backstory that Jefferson was a trans male obsessed with anime and a former drug dealer[1] (shown below).

THOMAS JeffeasoN ERSON O (ne/him) Eng/ Fre/SomE Jpn -Born and Raised in Art Edysator 51'ft, 26%0 Virginia.@nibadyaNYHNG -Furry, taning Japanese lessons -thinks he can Cook, but can't Bina an - dated AngelicA Senuy ler before nis transition, her dad had no. jdea. calls (one oi Tew wno ca "Angie) - OBSESSED Wl anime -freauents Barnes 3 Noble AND SOU X, so naturally runs in to Alexander and ex (Angelica) "A lot dealer... drig nis MET GO. SHE'S -Jonn's former - u Sed to be addicted to Socaine. hates to recall his Past. TAHOO artist. gives Peggy - Pretends to like Jazz and classical, but is really Kand J pop TRASH ner firstlgHoo. BLACK Flambouyant, loud-mouthed, and BAD ot LO000VĒ ce. Ale xander did NOT want him to have abracclet, but Maria mavies them, and to live him, Soo00 oo ..." She seem's - ALWAYS Bcars Alex at Poveon, blk his are genned Gut eride zames. Alex knows, aiway drves nim to rematchhim. LEA WRISI TAT


The artwork and the blog was heavily criticized after it was posted, leading to its deletion after only two weeks.[1] umbronydraws[2] claimed the backlash was why no artists of color could post on Tumblr, along with negative reactions people shared on Instagram (shown below). Over the following several years, the post would be remembered in several online communities such as Reddit[3] and Twitter[6] as an example of cringeworthy fan art and Tumblr culture. On January 11th, 2020, Twitter user Tiktaalekroseae[4] posted the full set, leading to reposts of some of the parody images made of the original; user @Ferrek2[5] posted an example that gained over 100 retweets and 1,200 likes (shown below, right).

po00 Verizon 7:50 PM 1 32% ( く Post THOMAS JEFFERSON Eny Fre/somE Sp -Born and Rased a Kenia@Nly Furry, tong Jponese ess thinks he cm C--- but cot nd - dared Angein Sunugler hefere 5urt 266 Sesign en, M edud -08SESSED wl anme -focout mes Nae AND MET GO. SHE'S Jonn'is former ang dealen S a t m -TAHO t. gs e fe -Flamboyan, and maed, nd 6AD COO BLACK 479 26 likes bitchtitas this picture deadass made me want to die it made me feel sick i'm not joking i hate thomas jefferson but not even he deserves this it's moments like this when i wish the hamilton musical never existed View all 12 comments godsvodka Oojj yeah a black Thomas that THOMAS JEFFERSON Art Edyan 5 ft, 26%0 a (e/nm) - OWNED MORE THAN 500 SLAVES IN HIS MET GO. SHE'S BLACK LIFETIME

In June of 2020, umbronydraws criticized the ACAB movement on Twitter. This led to a surge of people remembering his creation and creating new parodies of the artwork, this time centering around modern political figures. For example, on August 22nd, 2020 Tumblr user dooldler[7] posted a parody featuring Ben Shapiro, gaining over 600 notes (shown below, left). On October 4th, Twitter user k0rdon[8] made an example with Donald Trump, gaining over 13,000 retweets and 25,000 likes (shown below, right).

Ber Shapiro He/Him -President of his hignschool debate Club. Alyr Jons' Once adlicted to Juwl pods. former drug dealer. Cardi B stan account owner. ACAB 100%. Tomi Lahten bebore tronstaig. - Duted Toni Lahten belore tunstony. - Tattoo Avtist Gave ka:tlin BennetH her first tattoo. MET GOD, SHE'S GOT A WET ASS Currently dating Tucker Carlsin. P-WORD DONALD TRIUMP a (he/them) eng / ger Business Major 6'ft, 19 ylo VW -Born and Raised in New York - prety sucesful on etsy dated Hilary before her transikion, broke up with her bc he'sgay - now dating Joe - OBSESSED w/ anime - has asthma, down plays it - par k-time worher al'N. Donald's, saving up 'to get Hheir own studio -has å cocaine addiction he hides from Je because he doesn't wantto worry him t eboy - really into J-fashion, is an - bves designing clathes, made his aun MAGA birder loud-mouthed, but atuo ly has social anwiety - stan Loona MAGA met god, he's a hog prout

An extended analysis of the drama and backlash surrounding the art was compiled by the Fanlore Wiki.[1]

Aaron Burr Wikipedia Vandalism

On March 14th, 2021, the Wikipedia page for Aaron Burr was vandalized with numerous references to the meme.[9] This caused "Aaron Burr" to trend on Twitter as people noticed the Wikipedia summary for Aaron Burr included a line about Burr giving Jefferson his "first Miku binder."

Trending in United States Aaron Burr The Wikipedia page for the third vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr, has been altered to include a reference to a piece of fan art depicting Thomas Jefferson wearing a chest binder depicting the face of Hatsune Miku 7,109 Tweets

Various Examples

HILLARY CLNTON Law Major 55ft, 17yb (ste/her) engl french -Born and raised in Chicago - has been dahing Bill since hth grade – met Joe while cosplaying at an anime convention - hales Don but still hangs out with bim becaue she's friencs with ber bf Joe - special interest is Pohemon Go E for 3 years, - comfort food is piz za - writing emals gives her anciety - hates Monica - president of the Feninism and Women's Rights clubin her college - does art commissions to - deviantArt Famous Met God,shes chilling in her parens are open Codar Rapdd minded pay For her surgeries THEO KACZYNS KI 9 (SHE/HER) -Born in Chicago Illimis, caisad in Evergreon MATH Major 6 Foot Eng/o Eng 27 Parle - Moved to Montana lives Alone - Cottage Core Trasbien Been on hurse Piss E for since she was too sht to years go to the Pharmacy - Hasn't Brushed hair in byears - Quiet Just ihe her Squrred Fursona - Loona Stan, does n't tallk about it Since she thinks its "basic" MET Syears SHE MOAKE F-G - Does nt hawe A phone, loves to write letters and sand pachagas - Sws all her cloaths by hand -Thinks she cam embroider, com't -Ran in 2017, got bomned for buing horny - Volcel, sox is civ Possum Flakes Amethest Tumbr Ask blog BERNIE SANDERS ở Che/him) eng pol /some nasian -Born and raised in New-York - president of the LGBTrchb, edtor for he colkge newspiper -friends with Joe and Hilory but Dandd - thinks MAGA binders look ridiculbur, wore a BLM binder before his top surgery - forces his friends fo lishen to 100 gecs - mosty hangs out with Alexandria -stan Marx <3 Jarnalisn Major 5'9ft, 19 ylo annays him МЕT GOD SHE FELT THE BERN - wears crop tops even in 40°F weather - wanted to go to art school but his parents refused, still draws webcomis about Engels xMarx - do esn't like smoking, shill does it lo look cool - ADHD king - Hhinks Donald is loukey hot I herapist: Weeaboo drug dealer I homas Jefferson isn't real, he can't hurt you. Weaboo drug dealer Thomas Jefferson: THOMAS TEreasoN 5Ift, olo Born and Rased in Vrgiie Furytan -tn.nks he con doo n·buㅏ can't (A、 -dated Ansliin Ser hefore OBSESSEO wI anme fieaut w > ^oom.", ,NourAND.nde, Joni's Foer d deale し MET SHE'S .Pean,. Kose,郎1 "RAsans.cai. " THOMAS JEFFEASON Art Edysaton Q (nc/hm) Eng Fre/SomE Jpn -Born and Raised in Virginia @nadym -Furry, tanny Japanese lessons MAjor 51t, 2670 PANYIHNG -thinks he can Cook, but can't - dated AngelicA Sinuyler before nis transition, her dad had no TewwnO Can -OBSESSED wl anime freauents Bames 3 Noble AND sOux, so naturally runs in to Alexander ex (Angelicas A lor Jonn's former drug dealer.. and nis - u Sed to be addicted to COcaine. hates to recall his Pらす。 TAtHoo artist. gives feggy - Pretends to like Jazz and classical, but is really K and J pop TRASH ner firstiadoo loud-mouthed, and BAD of Lo00ove ce. - Ale xander dd NOT want nim to nave but moria maves them, and Soo00 00. - Flambonyant, bracciet She seems ro live um - ALWAYS Bcars Alex at Povemon, bk hs ae genned J Tames Aiex nous Ou Pridt dnves ni orematc

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