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134 Views Created 2 years ago By Reddit Moments • Updated 2 years ago

Created By Reddit Moments • Updated 2 years ago

: Anonymous 10/14/18(Sun)12:39:16 No.48693227 >be me, living with older sister >she's the one who's usually cooking >she's a terrible cook >l barely know how to make a sandwich so we've got no options >one day get into a fight and I tell| 8 KB JPG her that her food is disgusting >"if you don't like my food then you can eat my p----" >go into my room >hottest fapping session of my life also, how do I apologize to her? She's the main source of income and the only one who does housework and laundry while I just sit at my computer all day. She could go out and f--- with Chad all day yet she'd rather provide me shelter. How could I return her favor?
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