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This is the least helpful way to continue the conversation that already started with two people just asserting their positions with no explanations.
Pro-life stance is that a fetus is a person and has rights, so it's murder in their philosophical worldview. Pro-choice stance is that a fetus is not yet a person and doesn't yet have rights, so it isn't. This is a fundamental disagreement on the philosophy of life and personhood; it has to be debated as such or it won't bloody go anywhere.


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It worries me that people don't understand, or willingly ignore, the nature of these fundamental disagreements.
Quite a few people would rather go bloody before it bloody goes anywhere โ€“ other than "far in their side's favor".
*On both sides of the issue. What percentage in total, or on either side, I genuinely don't know.
โ€ฆI wonder if there is, or wish there was, a good shorthand for that statement. It would be really useful.


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