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As someone that only watched season 1 of the anime and has no idea what happens in the manga.

This would actually be a interesting turn for the ending of the series.
Like, after a life of killing to survive and living for the basic human instics, Denji reaches a sorta enlightenment and ascent from demon to biblically accurate angel and sorta becomes a model of the "decent life" every human should have.
Good food, good company, simply trying to be happy without going too far to hurt people that didn't do anything to you.

Like, if demons are being that exist because lots of people are afraid of a thing. Then what would happen to a demon if a bunch of people didn't feel it but instead were relieved by seeing it cause that means things would be better?
"Be not afraid" giving from.

He's still the dumb protag he was from episode 1. But more of a lawful neutral being then true neutral.


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