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"It was beautifully written, but dear lord was the plot just utter shit. Unadulated diarrhea.

This 35 year old man, as stated in his own prologue, is writing about how God chose him to go through Hell accompanied by his favorite writer, finding people whose politics he hates down there.
Purgatory was grotesquely tortorous for some with relatively minor sins, but Dante gets a pass with a couple gashes across his forehead as I recall.

Then he gets to heaven, and the fourteen year old girl that this grown ass, married man still loves fifteen years past her death is actually in the highest heaven.

Seriously, though he put insane attention to formatting, the whole thing reads like a really, really sad wish fulfillment. Any fanfics involving real, recently (as per when the story was written) deceased people like this does is cringe automatically.

I'm sorry. I just really don't like that story, and school had ne read it a lot.

It is a Bible fanfic, as well as a Greek fanfic, because the Abrahmic God apparently needed to steal the Greek afterlife when he came to power."


Ah yes the Divine Comedy, a low tier gary-stu self insert narrative shit post.
Its saving grace is what it helped inspire.

I’d love to see the look of Aligheri’s face if he knew that the “Yahoo funny slashy pizza man” is named after him


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