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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

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My take:

Gamergate when it started was doing a good job at pushing back against the stereotype of "all gamers are angry white men," showing that the hobby is far more diverse than people give it credit for. Unfortunately the movement did a bad job gate keeping bad actors, such as the alt-right movement, from slithering its way in, and as time went on it felt like the biggest voices within Gamergate were people who, rather than battle the stereotype I mentioned earlier, encouraged people to embrace it and turn it from a battle for better journalism and against negative stereotypes into one where the pro-GG side had a bunch of Palpatine's encouraging white men to "let the hate flow through [them]."


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See it's a fair an nuanced take that a decentralized "movement" fell apart because there's no leadership to define what it's goals are.

But then you get idiots who only see the world in black and white who are like "Nope, all harassment, literally never had any other goal. A relatively huge group somehow just materialized from the aether to form a harassment campaign, because that makes sense.


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