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Firstly, sorry about the knee. Secondly, even if the money wasn't going to the defense industry, I guarantee it wouldn't be going to insurance or healthcare. Further, it doesn't make any sense but a chunk of the DOD's budget actually goes to healthcare, particularly in research. So believe it or not, DOD dollars go to items like cancer research, not defense contractors.

Why? Well, for some reason, it's easier to pass funding for health programs through the DOD budget than it is HHS. It's as cultural as it is anything else at this point.

All of that aside, the support given to Ukraine can't be measured in dollars. How much value do you place in a strategic partner that could be allied for centuries for a few billion here and there? How about knocking a geopolitical foe off the map, so you no longer have to spend huge $ on military deterrence? The potential benefits are vast and so far the total aid is less than $100 billion.

That doesn't make issues regarding healthcare in the USA go away, but one can in fact hound elected officials about both.


It’s been archived. One thing I find weird about is that it no longer archives previous or subsequent tweets in a thread. I can’t explain it.

If this doesn’t make clear that Elon has fallen into the Vatnik rabbit hole, I’m not sure what will. I think Elon began to turn on Ukraine when he first suggested his “peace plan”, but there has to have been an earlier warning sign, but I’m not sure what.


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