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That's right, hold still… Keep that pose… Hold still… Almost got the angle right professor…. Just hold still a little longer…
There we go! Sorry for taking two hours of your time Goodwitch. Reflector really needs some fine tuning. Hope you ain't mad.


in reply to Evil-Tree

You know what shocks me?

There's next to NOTHING in terms of Goodwitch smut.

I mean we get plenty of saucy images of the girls (and occasionally Cinder), but Goodwitch is almost totally ignored, even though she's practically MADE of fetish fuel!

Glasses, blonde, big tits, probably old enough to be a MILF, Her weapon looks like a RIDING CROP for God's sake!

I'm amazed (and a little sad) that we haven't had any smut with her doing the Dominatrix and/or "Hot Librarian lets her hair down and gets CRAZY" thing yet.

I mean damn, she's practically begging for some love! You can see the loneliness in her eyes!



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