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The Maskies

Last posted Nov 24, 2012 at 12:39AM EST. Added Nov 23, 2012 at 10:59PM EST
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I am a 14-year-old high school freshman, I just moved into this neighborhood, started a new life, everything was good. I have had a friend named Joseph. He was a nice guy and a great? football player. Thats when I noticed his skill at the sport, he was abnormally fast and agile and seemed to use moves that injured opponents. Everytime he did that, I always asked him why he would hurt other players. Sure, they were on the opposing team but that doesn’t mean he should knock their teeth out. And everytime I ask him why, he just says “It’s because he likes it.”
“he”,“he”, “he”. Who does he mean by “he”? I wondered that for weeks. Just a week ago, everytime I tried to engage in a conversation with him, he just ignores me. I just thought he was just busy everytime. When I try after 4th hour, he has an answer, though a very ominous one: “I thought you’d know the truth about it by now, I guess you’re just as stupid as I thought. Probably even stupider.”

On Saturday, I recieved consistant phone calls from Joseph every 5 minutes. It’s annoyed me endlessly whenever I try to do my homework. Everytime I pick up the phone I get the exact same response: “You’re a special one, we’ll come for you next.” The? SAME EXACT RESPONSE EVERYTIME.

Sunday was full of shit. I went down to Little Caesers, visited my uncle, went to the doctor, etc. I ALWAYS KEEP SEEING GLIMPSES OF MY FRIEND OUT WINDOWS, DOWN HALLWAYS, EYEING ME ACROSS ROOMS, ETC. I was getting annoyed by this shit, so on Monday I went to the school bus, took a few stops, and waited for Joseph to get on the bus as he lives on the other side of the neighborhood. He came on and sat by me. I started questioning him.


Me: “So, I’ve been seeing you everywhere, what the fuck is your problem?”

Joseph: “Well what the fuck is YOUR problem?”

Me: “MY problem?, I’ve seen you everywhere yesterday!”

Joseph: “Well SOOORY, I was just minding my own business!”

Me: “Well how come you’ve followed me endlessly?”

Joseph: “Hm”

Me: “Oh now look whos not talking! I FUCKING WANT ANSWERS AND I FUCKING WANT THEM NOW!!!”

Joseph: (no response)

Joseph remains silent for the rest of the bus ride.

Joseph was a nice guy until now. He was rude and hateful all the time I went near him. Then things went to hell…

It was 4 hours ago that it happened. I was just minding my own business at the park shooting hoops. I almost has another perfect shot when I heard footsteps. My friend Joseph followed me here, and I didn’t even know it. He was running towards me at incredible speeds and attempted to tackle me but I dodged the attack.


Joseph: “I told you that you were next…”

Joseph had a mask on hishead. One that looked like a poorly remade totheark mask from Marble Hornets. He then covered his face with it and made a run towards me, this time with a knife. I panicked and ran for all I was worth. I was then met with 2 other “maskies”, as I called them.

Joseph: “It’s not just the three of us, It’s a entire cult. More than a thousand around the world.”

I was rushed by the other two and held down, I eventually broke free and ran to my car.?

I forgot the keys on a table. I exited out of the car and ran towards the tables. The maskies followed me at lightning speed. I was grabbed a couple times but broke free. I eventually found the keys on a red table and ran back to the car feverishly. I started it and went at full speed back to my house,? I DIDN’T CARE IF I BROKE THE SPEED LIMIT, MY FUCKING LIFE WAS AT STAKE.

I arrived at my house and immediatly started typing this down without hesitation. They broke in an hour later.

Okay /x/, Now don’t confuse this with? Masky from Marble Hornets? . I need to get the word out and save everyone from these twisted psychos. I know you might say this is fake but I know better than to defy their existance. They are all dedicated to serve the devil with murders of innocent people.? INNOCENT PEOPLE. I’m in the middle of their hellhole right now and as I speak, they are in my fucking house hunting me down. I am typing this in my closet with my slow but workable laptop. I can hear their footsteps in my room. I am covering the sound of typing keys with 2 coats and typing as quietly as possible. Oh shit! They are looking in the closet right nowhjghjumhj[uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub?

hey there, this is joseph. me and the maskies have killed richard. heh, maskies, i like that name. anyways. we are coming for everyone in the world and nothing will stop us. the devil will have his hunger satisfied. we are unstopable, we are hidden, we are the maskies.

i hate this is being posted on the internet but it’s ok, because we all know where you all live and your souls will be the biggest feast the devil has ever had. goodbye everyone. also, anna smith, you’re next.

“I was just minding my own business at the park shooting hoops.”
Was your mom scared by any of this?
Pretty nice idea for a creepypasta, but there are a few grammar things.

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