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Last posted Aug 27, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT. Added Aug 26, 2013 at 12:33PM EDT
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OP confirmed most informing introduction ever.

Here’s a GIF, from their reunion during the VMAs last night:

So yeah, overall people are pretty excited about this. I have little experience with them or their music, so I’m staying neutral for the time being.

You know, as someone who considers himself a punk (someone who listens to Punk Rock, not the other definition meaning a low-life), I’m probably supposed to be all “Grrr, mainstream bad. Mainstream=lame-stream.” But I don’t give a shit. This news honestly did make me pretty happy. Chalk it up to nostalgia, I guess.

Adam DeLand wrote:

It’s only good if they actually started making new music together, not just do performances. I didn’t like it when The Police only toured for their reunion and didn’t put out new music.

I sorta agree with that.

I don’t keep up with pop music or anything current nowadays, but I had to go find the “reunion” a look.

I don’t think that anything will come of it, but it was a nice bit of nostalgia. There was a time when I was thinking some of the tracks on the No Strings Attached album could have been on a hip-hop/R&B/urban station.

…and then Celebrity had two songs getting airplay on the local hip-hop and R&B station here. And a lot of black girls and guys liked them.

I thought there might be more albums, but I actually own four albums (the debut, self-titled one, No Strings Attached, Celebrity, and the first Christmas album,) and that’s not something I can claim about most mainstream artists, even though I do love a catchy pop album.
For those who didn’t really follow *NSYNC, I remembered them being compared to The Backstreet Boys a lot. Musically, I think *NSYNC was the more talented group in terms of harmonizing, and in hindsight, they probably had the more musically diverse and more creative repertoire of the two boy bands.

But to those who were into them, a reunion of any sort, no matter how short-lived, is certainly nice. I’m sad I missed it live.

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely and Get Another Boyfriend 4 u dubstep peons.


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