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Better alternative to .gifs

Last posted Dec 01, 2013 at 12:23AM EST. Added Nov 30, 2013 at 07:03PM EST
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Your image is still in gif format. The service gives you the option to display the animation in either format, make sure you get it right

This works using the HTML5 Video tag. So what you are posting are Video’s.

You are not posting “HTML5’s” There is not such this as “HTML5’s”. HTML5 is the markup language running this website.

I’m going to try and get Sweatie Killers animation working in this post using the proper code needed for video’s. Hopefully KYM doesn’t filter out the video tag. If it does I might try seeing if it works in an iFrame


okay it didnt work. KYM blocks out the scripts for it

Last edited Nov 30, 2013 at 09:30PM EST

Okay, iFrame works. I knew it would.

Here is sweaties animation in video format:

Note I had to manually reduce the size in the iFrame properties because that video takes up the size of the entire damn screen, but unfortunately it adds the scrollbars. Scrolling is disabled in the iFrame and it does it anyway, so I’m not sure how to fix that. i guess you just have to ensure your gifs are already properly size adjusted before you convert

I did the process again with another image.

Video format:

Old fashioned gif format:

To use this in KYM, upload your gif, then click the publish button. Once you reach the page for the image, hover your mouse over the right of the image and open the links.

Select iFrame to use the fancy, modern efficient Video format

Select HTML to use the old Gif format

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Another one for testing


Okay folks, after all this I have determined that this isn’t going to work so well for KYM.

KYM keeps adding the scrollbars by forcefully omitting the ‘scrollbar=“no”’ property of the iframe. And I can’t use the iframe to just include the video itself because KYM will block that.

There’s numerous other problems too. I noticed that on Chrome, the browsers sometimes fails to render the video unless I take “/iFrame” from the iFrame source

So while this is a neat way to reduce the size of your animations, there’s simply too many technical problems here to accept it as a gif alternative. You may only want to use this if you have a gigantic gif.

And there’s no point using the service for hosting just plain ordinary gifs, since KYM already hosts all your GIFs perfectly fine without anyone else’s help.

Stick with gifs uploaded to KYM, they’ll work much better and it’s not like it is really necessary to save the bandwidth

Last edited Nov 30, 2013 at 11:39PM EST

You can’t

You can only adjust the borders of the iFrame by changing the width and height properties in the IFrame tag

iframe src="" width="600" height="240"

But that does nothing to change the size of the actual video. The video will always be the size of the gif that you uploaded (hence scrollbars), so resize your gif BEFORE you convert it

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Alright, lets see…

Seems no matter what, the video it produces can’t be resized for forum viewing, though lets see if a gif is small enough you can eliminate the scroll bars…

No? That is bizzare.

(Herp, just read the part where BSOD said that KYM ommited the ability to turn off the scroll bars.)

Last edited Nov 30, 2013 at 11:03PM EST

I just feel that .gifs are rather archaic and need a newer faster competitor. I can load some videos on Youtube faster than .gifs on my own hard drive.

gifs have been around for a long time. The format was originally designed for cute little button animations and page decorations in the 90’s.

Websites today no longer use clipart on the screen. You’ll get fired from your job as a web developer if you try, so in theory gifs should have been outmoded long ago. But we still need animations to display video clips and motion artwork in a fast, small concise form. For some reason we still use gif for that even though the medium was never designed for it

I thought animated PNG was supposed to replace them, but I guess people deferred it for how less efficient that format was. gifs are smaller than PNG so they stuck with it.

I can’t say for sure if using the video tag is going to fare any better. You are basically using the MP4/WebM format inside a video tag. That’s all it is.

Even if KYM didn’t block the video tag, we’d still see people using the gif format because it’s harder to make MP4 files


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