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Most Overlooked Band EVER!

Last posted Jan 09, 2010 at 01:45PM EST. Added Jan 08, 2010 at 08:04PM EST
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The Wombles was a band formed by musician Mike Batt during the success of the british Filmfair series of the same name back in the early ‘70s, during that time they had a string of top 10 hits in the UK alone plus 4 albums: “Wombling Songs”, "Remember You’re A Womble", “Keep On Wombling” and “Superwombling”

(note: Mike Batt wrote the song “Bright Eyes” for the film “Watership Down”)

The band came to america in the summer of 1974 with little to no fanfare, The cartoon was shown on the popular Captain Kangaroo show and they had 2 singles “Wombling Summer Party”, “Remember You’re A Womble” and an LP which is the US release “Remember You’re a Womble” which bundled a couple of tunes from the 1st UK album “Wombling Songs” (namely “The Wombling Song” and “Dreaming In The Sun”)

Unfortunately, despite having a talented songwriter on their side and despite how great the songs were it was panned by Rolling Stone magazine and sold poorly on the Billboard charts (probably due to popularity of Disco at the time)… Mike Batt wrote/produced a song aimed at the US market entitled “Wombling USA” but since the US release of “Remember You’re A Womble” tanked (thanks to Rolling Stone), “Wombling U.S.A” was never released

It’s time to give them another chance!

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in 1977 (back at the UK), The Wombles (note: the cartoon is based on a series of books by Elisebeth Beresford) gained a live-action film entitled “Wombling Free”, It was released here in the US via an obscure VHS release on the RCA/Columbia Home Video label

here’s a clip from the movie


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