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Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage

Last posted Feb 05, 2013 at 06:46PM EST. Added Feb 03, 2013 at 11:47PM EST
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There was so many Facebook and Twitter jokes involving the power outage during tonight’s Super Bowl. I think this should be given an entry after some research. Some examples include blaming Beyonce on the power outage, thanking Obama for the power outage, claiming that the Superdome forgot to pay the bill, etc.

Some pictures to look at:

Photoshop of the Super Bowl logo

Many of the jokes going around involved Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

I also saw some macro images going around like this:

My brother told me of a fake twitter account with the name of Superdome Lights or something like that.

As for the article, I’m not sure if it has enough spread to warrant an article. But the internet reaction to it was somewhat big…though only for that half an hour though…maybe it would have became big if the 49ers won since the power outage turned the momentum of the game around.

Let’s wait and see if this is enough to warrant a meme.

Adam DeLand wrote:

If there was anything that I got out of this that was mematic was that a woman on a cell phone was waving to the camera while it was focused on 2 others.

Yeah, I noticed that to, they were in the background waving to the camera and all excited.

There were multiple Twitter accounts made to poke fun at the lights going out at the super bowl. The first account I saw had a little over 2,600 followers when I first saw it, but I can’t provide evidence for this claim because they changed their Twitter name and became a stupid “shout out” Twitter account. Although, while the aforementioned Twitter account was still @SuperBowlLights, they tweeted about allowing for a Q&A. The one and only Twitter question they commented on when something like this:
@(name of user) “How big is your d*ck?” Well, it doesn’t matter as long as your mom likes it.
Unfortunately, I can’t provide evidence for this either. I went back through my Twitter feed to find the tweets but they were gone, so I’m assuming the tweets were deleted or the account was ultimately deleted.

Another Twitter account later picked up the same name. You can find it at this link:

Additionally, there is a Twitter account going by the name @SuperDomeLights. The link for the account is here:

All the accounts rode on their fame through the game but we can probably all assume they are just about dead and forgotten now.

Finally, you can find Photoshopped and parody images of the events of the Super Bowl on Tumblr simply by searching “Super Bowl,” although Beyonce dominates most of the posts you will find.

Brad wrote:

The obligatory go home, you’re drunk:

Conspiracy Keanu chimes in:

Conspiracy Keanu would work if they did in fact sqeeze more commercials during the black out. Instead they showed players stretching and waiting for the lights to come on while commentators tried desperately to fill the void.


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