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courage wolf

Last posted Oct 30, 2009 at 10:53PM EDT. Added Oct 26, 2009 at 09:13PM EDT
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Meh. There are 182 comments on the [as] board.
Some say:

“OH NOES! /b/ is going to raid us!”

while a bunch of noobs say

“[as] has dun fuuuuuudgeed up. Also, all you people talking about that image board have violated rules 1 and 2, so enjoy losing the game”

I don’t think it means much of anything for Courage Wolf.
One guy posted this:

But the filters on [as] are so tight, I don’t know what a raid would even amount to, other than lots of new hits for [as].

So the real question is, does this mean people will who didn’t already think Courage Wolf was stale will start to lose their taste for it now that they’ve seen it for a second on the titlecard bumps inbetween shows?

I think people that are looking for any excuse to rage, will go ahead and rage. And some people will see it for the first time and not know what they’re looking at.

All that Courage Wolf’s appearence on [as] means is that [as] have announced to their audience that they’re aware of /b/ to some degree. It’s not like it’s the first meme to make it to TV.

@ chris menning, I’m wondering if this will spike courage wolfs searches? or will it come to some effect as peanut butter jelly time did on family guy.

but i do see what you mean, kinda like a tip o’ the hat towards 4chan

(broke the rule, shit!)

We can keep check on the following link every couple of days to see what happens:

My predicition: very little impact on the meme. It wasn’t an episode of Family Guy or South Park.

Threw a few other memegenerator memes in there for comparison.

Well, if you lurk the general boards you would read that the mods cleaned up pretty good.
Unfortunately you cant see the shitstorm that happened, but if you want to go and ask one of the chans about it im sure theyll respond with they did something about it.

“btw, Odin, I saw how much they spamed the boards last night and saw how cleaned up it was this morning. You mods did a great job.”


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