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Mens rights article, a bit pink in the middle

Last posted Oct 24, 2013 at 12:39AM EDT. Added Oct 23, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT
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Besides the repetition of the word “perceived” in irksome spots and that it is framed from the feminist eye at multiple parts (“feminists argue…” “feminists criticize…”), which is about as journalistic as framing atheism from the eyes of a theist, it’s missing some info you might want to include:

Mentions are made of the Warren Farrell protest, however it should also include the Toronto U protests earlier in April, held by CAFE and about mens rights was, also, protested by a mob of feminists. ( More on that )

MGTOW would be a term to include in the article, as it seems to exist quite thoroughly in MRA circles. What is MGTOW?

Earl Silvermans death was also a notable event earlier this year that may be relevant to add. It did kick up dirt on AVFM and Salon.

You may also want to expand on Warren Farrell as he is a rather central figure of the movement, and the seat of controversy (partially for being a feminist himself, but also his books such as ‘The Myth of Male Power’, etc.)

I’m not advocating for the MRM, just, please, lets keep the article as unbiased and informative as possible. Framing it from one groups perception is not unbiased (though it should be noted the movement is most likely a reaction to feminism, so yes, there is tension between the two)


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