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Is this a meme yet? If so, is there an official name? If not, can we make it one? lol

Last posted Jul 10, 2014 at 05:05PM EDT. Added Jun 07, 2014 at 12:16AM EDT
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There seems to be a general confusion as to what “Meme” is defined as on this site. A lot of people are under the influence that any image with a caption is a “Meme”, when this is a misnomer. That is an “Image Macro”. If there were dozens upon dozens like it, it would be a “Meme”. Also, what you’re proposing is what we call a “Forced Meme” – which, instead of developing widely over the internet, is simply posted over and over until the illusion of acceptance is placed upon it. So, in short, no, it’s not a Meme. It could be a Meme if, by some miracle, out of the hundreds and hundreds of particularly Meme-producing things on the internet, it gained widespread popularity. But as it stands, it’s just an unflattering image of someone.

…Why do I get so philosophical at five in the morning?

To be fair, at the time it would have been a stretch to call it a meme, and the “can we make it one” in the title doesn’t do it any favors either. I think we can safely say that it is one now, though.

Brucker wrote:

I’d just like to question whether OP deserved the karma bombing he got, even if it hadn’t been a meme.

1) The Question Belonged Here
2) The OP did pretty much everything wrong in presenting it to us, just making it seem like it was something he wanted to push as a meme rather than just as something he had seen around.

I avoided from locking this because it had a relevant entry put up, but since nobody seems interested in actually adding to the discussion I’m going to go ahead and lock.


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