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whats this nonsense with boxxy being trademarked?

Last posted Dec 31, 2009 at 10:51AM EST. Added Dec 10, 2009 at 10:26PM EST
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go to boxxybabee on youtube. her videos are gone.
and if you go to the account “lia” it says she owns them.
like bought them. or something. /b/ is opening a can of troll on them.
someone explain?

Sounds like it happened 5 hrs ago

rcoastee (5 hours ago) What the fuck is going on here? Feyvern (5 hours ago) spam tiem? TheChurchofBoxxy (5 hours ago) Two questions, who are you, and who do you think you are? Feyvern (5 hours ago) You’re a fucknut. boxxy4ever (5 hours ago) What the are you talking about you illiterate bitch. Why would you remove every Boxxy video and suspend my account if I don’t remove mine, only to reupload the videos later?

Fuck Google
Fuck Copyright
Fuck Frank Lawson
and fuck you too

Suspend, coward, you are only going to suspend a man.
evilperson3596 (5 hours ago) You fucking cunt. Why the hell did you report Boxxy’s videos? You jealous, bitch? Get a life hoe.
boxxy4ever (5 hours ago) What the fuck?



charen (3 days ago) me as well sir?
Riv3r8 (3 days ago) sub me please

Looks like someone found their Facebooks.

From the YT channel:
“JoseFranciscoGomez was tracked to 2 facebooks.
A girl with the Middle name Lia, and a man with the name Francisco, which in short is Frank
They’re both connected on facebook and live in the same area.”

Boxxy is just like all the other videos on youtube now, copyrighted by someone who doesn’ own it. Heck I do covers and remixes on my you tube and had to take 20% of my stuff down I have FOUR videos now, the song are all use under fair use, had NONE of the original audio, and would STILL make the buy this song on amazon/itunes pop up appear!
it’s Bull!

We try to keep our articles up to date with current information. Therefore it is beneficial to our interests to have such threads so as to present any new information concerning a meme as it develops for more efficient research.
This isn’t about Boxxy, it’s about the meme “Boxxy”.

Huh. From Lia’s YouTube channel:

lia (5 hours ago)
Authorization was given exclusively to user boxybabee. Videos will be back up in the next hours.

Thanks for having wasted your time commenting here, noobs :)


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