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Last posted Jun 08, 2010 at 05:59PM EDT. Added Jun 06, 2010 at 09:51PM EDT
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Umm, what? It’s MEME on funnyjunk. This website is about MEMES. So let’s all grow a brain and confirm MEMES on a website for MEMES.

Vlad, what are you saying? Stop hating on funnyjunk! Just because a meme is from a website you don’t like dosen’t mean it can’t be a meme!

ExteriorAmoeba commented on Are You Fucking Kidding Me? 11 days ago
What I love is how each time faggyjunk attempts to make a “meme” It’s fucking forced. Only one guy is making these comics. It’s not a meme.

ExteriorAmoeba commented on How to get Across the Cliff 7 days ago
Dear faggyjunkers, If it’s only popular on one site, it’s called an INSIDE JOKE. When an inside joke spreads to other sites, it becomes a MEME. +1 Deadpool

ExteriorAmoeba commented on What’s a Great Ball? 15 days ago
I hate fucking retarded newfags that instantly declare a small inside joke a meme. Shut the fuck up fjfags, YOU WILL NEVER CREATE A MEME. JUST GO AWAY AND STOP POISONING THE INTERNET.


I don’t hate Funnyjunk, I just feel that you’re not understanding the concept of a Meme itself. To be confirmed on this Site a Meme needs to have viral spread outside of just one certain site. And you’re acting ike we’re rabid anti-funnyjunk crusaders, let me read this post you wrote on Rage_Guy’s Wall in regards to him creating Funnyjunk Meme Entries that I actually had to CENSOR due to extreme language.

“See, this is why everybody hates funnyjunk. You’re a bunch of ****ing newfags who think funnyjunk is the best site ever. Guess what? It isn’t. Just because your stupid little site makes a joke does NOT mean it’s a meme. Do you even know what a meme is? I suggest you read the FAQ before submitting your so-called “memes”.
Oh, and I believe I speak for the entire rest of the internet when I say “Go the **** away and stop poisoning the internet.”

I hope this clears up any “Issues” you may have had with my post.

Last edited Jun 07, 2010 at 10:12PM EDT,+YOU+WILL+NEVER+CREATE+A+MEME.&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


You are the worst liar in the history of this Website. Also, I know you’ll downvote this comment. But guess what? The dedicated users of this site will upvote it. I am a Know Your Meme Researcher, and I will uphold that title.


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