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Last posted Mar 08, 2013 at 10:08AM EST. Added Mar 08, 2013 at 09:50AM EST
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I have came up with a new idea for the Image Gallerys. Ya know the NSFW Tags? Ones like thouse but used to hide spoilers to a new episode of a TV Show/Video Game/Movie/Issue of a Comic Book. So what do you think people? Make or Brake?

Ehh, I’ll most likely disagree. Our research focus doesn’t center around the shows themselves, but instead more to their online following and reception. Such a service is more necessary for fandom-specific websites and blogs that update each time a new episode of that specific show is released.

Moderators and users aim towards some sort of dignity on the forum when it comes to spoilers, and will ask others to do the same. But spoilers on the forum are based on a html code which you can change the title of, so it’s not necessary as users can point out it’s a spoiler themselves.

Then there’s also the issue that those spoilers need to be removed manually once the specific episode has aired, which I doubt all users will do. There might be a way to make them auto-remove after a fixed time (like a week), but I don’t know how much trouble that is with coding.

Don’t worry, it’s a good idea, and I can understand the reason behind it. If it’s a case many users find an issue, then sure, I’ll support it. But outside of the forum I simply don’t often see spoilers being an issue to users. Our articles and image galleries aren’t exactly the first place people go to when they want to discuss new episodes of their shows.

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