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every freaking time

Last posted Dec 24, 2009 at 12:50AM EST. Added Dec 23, 2009 at 04:23PM EST
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every time i see a shitty entry i glance to see the author and.. oh.. what a big surprise
new user
we need to make this site idiot and troll proof
it is possible..
i know it is..
Admins your thoughts on the matter?

I had said many a year ago, that if there was a “new user” thing where you have to be a member for a few days, or you have to make a certain number of contributions or forum posts to be allowed to make Full meme entries.

Oh, don’t encouarge him. Or yourself, for that matter.

What’s the point of keeping the peace if you’re just gonna shoot the mayor after locking up Billy the Kid?

I know, but maybe he doesn’t like it. If we get, in this thread, Tom’s consent, then from that moment forward, we shall call him the Flash of Anger (again, title was not in direct reference to him, but I think it sounds cool).

< flash of Anger >
Barges in and rages
< /flash of anger >

No, newcomers aren’t the ones to blame. I know the story of a new user who never posted in the forum and did an entry called Ho Man ! Ho God !
Guess what ? This entry was quickly confirmed.

We have to deal with me-tooists who create entries for nothing, without explaining anything. Dammit, Redspear did that for most of his entries. Is he a noob ? Well, yeah, in a way he’s a noob… but still !

When I say there should be a waiting period, it really is to thin out the trolls. I mean, one or two days is a small amout of time to wait for a truly interested user, but seems like forever for a failer, so it’s kinda like a judgement period, but a short one.

1. My cat won’t stop trying to eat my reeses puffs.

2. I wish the admins had a superhero-esque radar pager thing that went off when a user posted something that says “admin”.

@ tomberry you are a gigantic failure and the only reason you pick on me is because you feast on peoples short comings. Maybe you do it for no reason, maybe because you have a tiny weiner, and maybe because someone else did that to you as a child and this is your sad way of feeling a tiny tinge of happiness inside. I tried to be friends with you but you said no. You wanna rage? I can rage too.

@ Average Joe

We do have the pager, we just choose to ignore it as of late.

@ Thread

The problem isn’t new users making non-meme entries as much as ALL users making lame entries for things we know are memes.

That makes sad because I have to do research and I can only do research to “Walk like an egyptian” by the Bengals.

God damn I hate that song.

Back on track, I don’t see it as that big of a problem.

That’s the catch. Babies argue. Men like you to need to debate, and debate is void of all insults (unless said debate is concerning how to properly inult). Really, I don’t want to interrupt others, but I will if they begin to mudsling.

Well, that’s more of an admin job, but regardless, let’s look after each other. We’re smarter than some other web dwellers, so let’s prove it by not reducing ourselves to rubble.


Oh, for FSM’s sake…
I would live in the utopian world you’re talking about as well.
But no. Not here where people flood for nothing, thinking it’s funny because some people answer that it’s funny.
And I will continue to act like this toward people like Hectorius, Streetlamp, sometimes Real Genius and Redspear (you’re just an example among many other here Griff, don’t take it seriously) think it’s cool to create a topic about anything, or to post a 1-word answer for nothing, until the “flood” sub-forum will be created.

I don’t care if I’m blamed for this. I don’t care if it’s “lulz-killing” of “behavior nazism”.

Well last time I checked there was 3.

(I’m guessing their names.)

General Discussion: Kinda like what it is now but without the “wacky” and meme threads.

Meme labs: All memes/site related materials all the time. srs bsns.

Tikibar: Where the “zany” threads go.


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