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another question

Last posted Aug 20, 2009 at 10:07AM EDT. Added Aug 19, 2009 at 10:20PM EDT
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Those textile stuff are the instructions for what you want to do if you want your text to end up that way.

For example, if you want your text to end up like this, enclose your text with asterisks. if you want your text to be like this, you enclose it in underscores. The same thing with the rest of it, just follow the instructions.

Actually, I’d listen to anything you give me.

My mom is an oldies type, so thus, she inspired me to listen to Blues, Jazz, Disco, etc. My second eldest sister listens to Pop songs and R&B, so I’d listen to those too. My dad and my eldest sister both listen to Classic Rock and Hard Rock respectively, so I got interested in rock a lot. My friends listen to Metal, Death Metal, Emo, Screamo, etc. so I’ve recently got a liking to those kinds of songs too. And personally, I’ve taken a liking to NU Metal songs, so I listen to bands like Linkin Park.

Oh yeah, musical memes have also been drilled into my mind, so I listen to those too.

So yeah… what do you liek? Mudkipz? XD

If anything we are more on topic than ever.

“So yeah… what do you liek?”

I was mostly into rock, i i started listening to metal about 6 years ago when a friend introduced me to Metallica which got me wanting to play guitar. Since then i’ve gone through different phases, got into the usual stuff, megadeth, anthrax, testament, pantera, exodus etc. Then got into Nu-Metal and was into KoRn and stuff, then went to RHCP before finally resting my head on vocal extroadinare Mike Patton. Last couple of years have just been listening to all his works and really anyone assosciated with him. Also getting into expirmental stuff like John Zorn, secret chiefs 3 and some noise stuff. etc. the good shit. And then thats gotten me into kinda spaghetti western music which is really interesting as well.

So yeah right now im in a pretty experimental stage but im getting back into metallica again.


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