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Last posted Oct 15, 2012 at 05:00PM EDT. Added Oct 13, 2012 at 12:05PM EDT
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Hello everyone!
I know that quite a few of us have deviantART accounts. The people who do usually put the links to their DA account on their wall. Also not a lot of people look at peoples walls, and things like that seem to get over looked. Anyway if you have a DA account and would like to share it with us then you can post them here.
Here I’ll go first!
Sorry I only have three pictures, and you probably already seen them from some of my posts.
I am not forcing anyone to share what they do not want to share.
Also if you want to discuss topics about deviantART go ahead.

(This is not a thinly veiled attempt to see everyone’s art that they didn’t want to share with the rest of KYM, but is somewhere else on the internet)

I’m pretty sure you guys already know that I hide behind that unnecessarily long and stupid username “LavosVsBahamut” over there.

Yes, it’s mostly pony stuff at the moment, but there’s also some stuff like this (two year-old) pic.

Unfortunately I haven’t felt like drawing anything for the past few months, so there’s really not much new stuff…

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RocketPropelledPanda wrote:

Muumi, didn’t steal the spotlight Quantum, the spotlight gave itself willingly to the throbbing mass of talent that is Muumi.

Thus inadvertently stealing the spotlight.


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Nightfury Treann wrote:

how do i link with the text?

A much easier method than what Ivan posted is "whatever text you want to use":URL

You can find all your textile questions answered here

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