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KYM Mafia Reboot: Midnight Crew/Felt Addition!

Last posted Dec 24, 2012 at 10:12PM EST. Added Dec 14, 2012 at 05:03PM EST
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There are five roles in the game. I shall randomly assign them too you.

Role 1: The midnight crew (The Mafia)
Okay depending on how many people will affect how many members of the TMC’s we’ll have. (Hopefully four) now their job is to off whoever they choose during the “night faze” of the game. You kill these men before you run down to the same numbers of felt members then the felt (villagers) will loose.

Role 2: Sn*o*wman (The sheriff) She will be the felts (villagers) helper. She’ll be able to guess who is a member of the Midnight Crew is and she’ll PM me and I’lll tell her if her guess was right. It’ll be only one guess each night faze, like on how one assassination for the Midnight Crew. She can choose to tell the felt or keep it to herself. It’s up to her.

Role 3: Stitch (The Doctor) Stitches (The doctors) Job is to choose to heal or revive any member of the felt he wants by telling Doc Scratch (The Game Host) during the “Night Faze” of the game. If he dies then he cannot heal or revive anyone anymore. He can only heal special members of the game. IF he heals a regular felt member then it wont do anything. Only Sn*o*wmans helpers, Sn*o*wmans herself and the Midnight Crew can be healed.

Role 4: Doc Scratch (The Game Host/me) My job is to make sure the game runs either smoothly or horribly chaotic. The Midnight Crew will PM on who they wanna kill, Sn*o*wman will tell me who she thinks is a Member of the Midnight Crew, Stitch shall tell me who he wants to heal, And Eggs and Biscuits will get hints and clues from me. I shall not openly take actions in the game. I can only watch an host it, as well as tell it’s story. I will not tell who is who. That’s for you to find out and me to know.

Role 5 and 6: Eggs And Biscuits (Sn*o*wmans Helpers/Batman and robin) You two will get a clue from me each two night fazes of the game on who might be a member of the midnight crew. IT could even be a riddle.

Lastly we have role 7 being YOU, A MEMBER OF THE FELT. (The villagers) Anyone who doesn’t have a special role will be a villager. You shall discuss among your fellow Felt members on who may be a member of the felt. Now when you all think you’ve got it figured out then you may kill on selected person.

Game Notes:

Death: When you die you reveal your role to the rest of the game. You can no longer participate in the game if you are killed, though a dead felt can still help influence the villagers during the day phase. However, while you are still able to discuss the goings on in the game, you can no longer cast a vote for who to kill during the day. Other dead characters are not allowed to post anything related to the game once they have been killed, as they know too much.

Winning: The Felt wins when all mafia have been killed, the mafia wins if they kill everyone else. Usually the Felt win, so it comes down to how many people the mafia can kill before they are killed themselves, however very sneaky Midnight Crew members can often times manipulate the villagers during the day phase and win.

Sheriff: The sheriff may know the identity of one of the mafia if he guesses right during the night phase, that doesn’t mean people can trust him, as no one actually knows who is telling the truth.


-Midnight Crew will make up 1/5th of the total population.
-If the Midnight Crew’s population exceeds the Villagers population, the Mafia Win.
-Also, the day and night cycles will last 42 hours each. However the day/night will be ended early if everyone in the Village/Mafia (Respectively) has voted. If you haven’t voted by the end of the Night/Day, you missed your chance and will have to wait till the next day/night to vote.

If you have any questions just ask me.

Last edited Dec 14, 2012 at 05:52PM EST

DarkErmac wrote:

Hmm, this may be far more interesting as a no-vanilla game, if you choose to take advantage of the Felt’s various powers.

How would the felts powers be brought into this? Explain.

(Next time please don’t be lazy and just post the full OP directly, having posts inbetween this post and the OP only works confusing to the participants. Editing OP. -RM)

Edit: (You should also be able to edit OP now, just use that for future changes. -RM)

Last edited Dec 14, 2012 at 06:12PM EST

Alright after waiting a bit I see only one more person entering. Well I’m a little saddened eeing not as many people are entering the game. I was going to put a lot of effort into twisting the story around. I guess I’ll give the game more time seeing how there are a lot of forum games out there already.

Alright, Our current roster is-

Dark Ermac
Slappy the fish
Captain Falcon

I’ll give the game some more time. Monday should be enough, After that I think we’ll start reguardless.

Alright Time’s up, our current roster of players is-

Dark Ermac
Slappy the fish
Captain Falcon

8 players eeh? Small game. It’s a shame we have such a small game unlike the other ones. Anyway I’ve just got done sending out all the titles and like we normally do it the game has started off…in the Night Faze.

The game is now going to start. We’ll be there for the next 24 hours. Good luck and try not to get killed.

Last edited Dec 17, 2012 at 02:20AM EST

As Sn*o*wman came down from the second story of the mansion she told every other member of the felt that the midnight crew had finally arrived after threatening them for over a week and having occasional gang fights and run in’s. Thankfully she told them that there were only two members of them that were going to come rather than the entire crew. After she finally got done telling what the members of the felt she had with her she had ran off to go try and investigate some of the others.

After looking through her notes she had finally figured out who one of the two possible MCM’s that were hiding through out the mansion. When she had gotten up she had heard someone behind her. A barrel of a gun was pointed at her head and slowly turned around only to see the face of Diamonds Droog. She reminded him that if she were to die then the universe would end. But he told her this- “Oh I’m not going to exactly killed you Sn*o*wman, I’m simply going to put you to sleep were you wont be such of a bother to deal with anymore. And don’t try to use your powers. The second you move an inch of that pretty little body of you have I’m going to pull the trigger killing everyone in this universe.”

She let out a sigh and sat back down. A needle then was injected in her neck. As it left her skin she hit the floor and fell unconscious and into a coma. “Has slick never thought of just putting you to sleep? Sometimes I wonder who the real leader of this group is.” He had left with a with only a slightly grim expression on his face and a brief case of sn*o*wmans notes in his hands.

Sn*o*wman is currently out of the game and the person who is playing Sn*o*wman is Dark Ermac.

The day faze had begun. It’s time for everyone else to interact and talk.

Well, this is not going too well…

Considering that noone has any motivation to vote and no leads with which to do so, I’m going to vote for LonasFactor so that hopefully we can get somewhere with this game. Sorry mate…

Last edited Dec 18, 2012 at 06:07PM EST

Okay. 24 hours. Night Faze begin, you Felt members were too slow on killing a player in the game bluh bluh

Yes it is. You are a few days late.

Okay sorry for the hiatus ladies and gentlemen I had to go take a break from the game for a bit to take care of some things.

After Droog got done dealing with sn*o*wman he had decided to continue with his mission throughout the castle. He had seen a large group of the felt discussing on who might be the traitor among their ranks. Who who may be innocent. After that they all looked at their companion LonasFactor because it appears to be all the false evidence they have gathered has pointed to him. Crowbar has then pulled out his Space Manipulating Crowbar and went upside his head with it. The beating he gave him lasted for minutes while Droog watched silently as he pulled out his gun.

Even though him and LonasFactor were enemies seeing someone nearly beaten to death and then left to bleed out over the floor. When they had all turned their backs a gun shot was heard and it went right in through the heart of LonasFactor killing him.

LonasFactor was a Felt Member and the day Faze has begun.


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