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Good tv shows

Last posted Sep 06, 2013 at 09:41PM EDT. Added Sep 04, 2013 at 07:30AM EDT
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Please feel free to post your favorite tv shows.
Im watching breaking bad and trailer park boys now.

Anime is now permitted for discussion. -BSOD

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Oh would you look at that. Karma’s being abused here. This entire thread is nothing but opinions, but someone’s going around downvoting posts.

I expect downvotes for this post being irrelevant, but seriously, this is why kramas are a problem. People just can’t take opinions around here, it seems.

I’m not even talking about this thread, but in general.
EDIT: I have turned the -1 to 0 for those posts in the thread which had it.

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Why not? Anime is no less a TV show than anything else so it should count.

Just to spite OP, I watched Souleater and I thought it had really intriguing in storyline, art style and character. I know I’m not a big anime fan around here but I like watching anime whenever I randomly come across it

A good start i guess. I had watched SE’s first episode. To be honest, that wasn’t really interesting for me. But just for you i may start it over again.

My bad. I oftenly watch anime (Attack on Titan especially). I don’t really like to watch tv shows but if i catch it, i will gladly watch hells kitchen for sure.

@Legend Of Korra
LOK’s final episode was a total disappointment. I expected way way good reason and plot but..
Too bad, i loved the Avatar series when Aang was around.
Lets hope season 2 will be better.

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A good start i guess. I had watched SE’s first episode.

What kind of Anime would you recommend for people who’ve rarely seen any anime?

The first 2 seasons of Pokemon and most seasons of Dragonball Z were the closest I got to japanese animations.

I don’t really like to watch tv shows but if i catch it, i will gladly watch hells kitchen for sure.

I’m too busy internetting to watch TV to be honest. MLP was the last full season of anything that I watched and even that was just over YT.

But there are some shows that are hella fun to watch when drinking and Hells Kitchen is one. For some reason Gordon Ramsay is funnier when you are drunk. You can play drinking games with his cussing

Kitchen Nightmares is another great show with Ramsay as well

On that note…

@TV shows you can play drinking games with

For another TV show you can play drinking games with. Check out Fact Or Fiction. Pick an episode on YT with your drinking buddies and try to guess if the stories are fact or fiction. Losers drink.

Some game shows are good for this too. I love watching Deal Or No Deal. Its a simple game that is pretty much based around pure russian roulette so its great for drinking games:

-Take a drink at every revealed blue, two for red and three for green
-Guess what in the case. If you get it wrong, you drink. If you get it right everyone else drinks.
-Each time the contestant won’t take the deal. Take a shot
-If the contestant derps and walks home with less than 1000 bucks, skull your drink.

What kind of Anime would you recommend for people who’ve rarely seen any anime?

Hmm.. It mostly depends on your interest and definitely how much time will you spend.
I have started my anime journey with “Deathnote”. Not long series and has a pretty good plot.
If you can endure loooong storylines, “One Piece” or “Fairy Tail” is my recommend. You have better stay away from “Naruto” or “Bleach” (IMO). At least from the animated series. But manga series are good as i heard from the readers.

Nichijou. Exaggerated daily life. The most funny thing to watch ever. Highly recommended. For similar : Lucky Star

“Attack on Titan” is just.. too.. epic. If you are a newbie anime watcher, that series can ruin the other series for you. Believe me. Watch other kind of animes first before you watch AoT.

@TV shows you can play drinking games with
Any series Bear Grylls has been involved.. If he starts to talk about lost people in the area he tries to survive(!), you should take a shot. Of your piss

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Requesting lock. Anime has taken over

Plz lok

Threads doing just fine -BSOD

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Some anime I’d personally recommend for people who don’t usually watch anime would be Black Lagoon and Baccano!. Both have a very cool dark action movie feel to them. I would be cautious when going into Baccano! as it has non linear storytelling which can be confusing at times.

In terms of non-anime shows,(see, both sides can exist in peace) I would suggest Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and The Walking Dead. In the cartoon department, I’d recommend Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Young Justice, The Spectacular Spiderman and Invader Zim.

Doctor Who is the bomb!

On the animated side of things, we have Adventure Time, Regular Show and Gumball, for starters. I’ve always been an animation fan.

Honestly, Rimshot, why are you so against people talking about anime? If you’re gonna go on the web, you’d have to go pretty far to find somewhere where there isn’t someone who likes anime.

Last edited Sep 05, 2013 at 08:23PM EDT

The only show I’m currently watching regularly on tv is Big Brother. Throw a bunch of people into a house together, while cutting them off from the outside world, making them compete in competitions to vote each other out of the house, and letting contestants’ personalities clash. Oh and they’re competing for half a million dollars. A pretty interesting and well-done idea.

I had gotten Cable Tv just yesterday, and The Colbert Report is just as good as ever. I also have Game of Thrones Season 1, but have yet to open the box yet.

As for Anime (restricting myself to what I know is/recently was on TV, but I barely know so whatever), Fullmetal Alchemist still holds up rather well.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person that watches South Park. Most people look at it from the surface and just see swearing juveniles. I often have to keep explaining to people that if you look past that, the show can get quite meaningful and does use more than just crude humor. Ren & Stimpy was worse


I don’t know why the people hate it so much. It’s because the Family Guy effect?

Well there was the scandal in which both Simpsons and South Park called Family Guy out on for stealing jokes and being unoriginal.

But I just think it’s mainly just the “LETS HATE IT BECAUSE HATING IT MAKES ME COOL!” thing.

I watch Family Guy from time to time. It’s not as good as Drawn Together but it’s amusing enough. I don’t see the problem, personally.

Man. People and their animu, amirite?

Err, to sorta build on everyone else’s posts, it’s not a specific show that you should recommend to people who don’t watch anime. The way to convert people to the dark side is knowing what they already like. If you watch based off genre, then…

Say you love comedies. Nichijou is fantastic, as is Azumanga Daioh. Not in the mood for girlier stuff, but still want comedy? Try Hetalia, or any of the thousands of other comedies out there.

Action gets you going? Monster of the week shows like DBZ, Toriko, One Piece, and others like Berserk, Fist of the North Star… These are even more dime-a-dozen than most genres so lucky you.

Wanna cry? Watch Angel Beats, Clannad, etc etc.

Epic journeys about lands far away and long ago? Spice and Wolf is slowly paced but great, and Katanagatari takes the cake.

Like gritty noir? Cowboy Bebop, The Big O. The list goes on, but watch these two.

Are you shameless and just want panchira and ecchi moments? Well you’re in luck in just about every category.

…but To Love Ru and Bakemonogatari are pretty great places to start…

Really, there’s something for everyone but it’s still not for everyone. Just because FLCL is my favorite series, and Summer Wars is one of the best movies of all time to me, my friends all collectively hate both. It’s all a matter of taste.

Since Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Adventure Time have been said, I guess I’ll have to pull out King of the Hill… Though since I sorta grew up on it nostalgia goggles are probably kicking in a bit.

I’ll just list all my favourite shows from A to Z

7th Heaven
Bob’s Burgers
Everybody Loves Raymond
Happy Days
King of the Hill
Laverne & Shirley
MacGyver (how could you forget macgyver?)
The Brady Bunch
The King of Queens
The Love Boat
The Office
Star Trek (any)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 one, new is crap)

(Whoa, after making this list, I just realised that I watch A LOT of sitcoms!)

GoingMenthol wrote:

>No Anime

i’m looking forward to Legend of Korra season 2 this september

Me too. I feel like a slowpoke though, isn’t like the LoK thread really far into it now? Or is that just me?

Anyway, I suppose for TV shows I just watch what’s on if I bored but I do certainly try to watch Sherlock, Doctor Who and Legend of Korra if they are on as I like to follow those.

opspe wrote:

Locking per user request.

Unlocking because unless the topic actually is OP specific or requires him/her to continue, I don’t think being the OP of a thread makes someone its lord and master. If people are happy with discussion tv shows, anime included, let them.

Last edited Sep 06, 2013 at 06:29PM EDT

RandomMan wrote:

Unlocking because unless the topic actually is OP specific or requires him/her to continue, I don’t think being the OP of a thread makes someone its lord and master. If people are happy with discussion tv shows, anime included, let them.


I didn’t even understand, why this thread had to be locked?
Also why is your hostility against animes Rimshot?
They can be merged with the tv shows imo.
No need to act like a jerk.

Watamote makes me cringe.
Which is why I love it.

Indeed. Probably the best anime in the cringe genre. Finished 9 episodes in writhe.
Why did i even? For Tomoko?


Apparently OP issued several angry complaints to opspe and that led to the lock. RM may have overruled that, but lets not aggravate him any more.


People still watch South Park, just not as usual.

Things seemed to go downhill after Kenny got cut. They say the newest seasons have lost a lot of their original spark. Then again they say that about every long going series right?


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