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Pick names for my pokemon.

Last posted Jan 25, 2011 at 01:38PM EST. Added Jan 06, 2011 at 12:59AM EST
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Okay, I’ll admit something that I think may shock some of this crowd: I’ve never played Pokemon. So it’s hard for me to come up with any really good ideas for this (if I’m really understanding what you’re asking), but something just occurred to me that might be amusing. You could name your Pokemon after characters in a similar but unrelated video game, like Digimon(?).

Another possibility is…Okay, back when Pokemon first came out (before most of you were born, I’m guessing) I remember hearing about the game, and thinking it was like a video game RPG where all the characters were mutant Beanie Babies. So I think you should give them all super-lame Beanie Baby type names.

Peeky the Pikachu
Squirty the Squirtle
Charmy the Charmander

Piarte King wrote:

I won’t beg for Lanthus-mon. I will however impart what I have always named mine since 1st gen.
names like: Dude! it or whoa man!

See, this is why you need to know the game. This suggestion is made of win.

I named every single pokemon I had Douglas once. All of ‘em. Granted, it’s too late for you to give all pokemon the same name.

I named my Charizard on Heart Gold T-Pain. Now I can say I got a hug from T-Pain without lying. Sort of. Also, my brother had a Charizard named nigger. He taught him Cut. Maybe that’ll spark some ideas.

Okay, I’ve got it.

Suppose your first pokemon is a turtwig. Name it Zorua. (My research tells me that this is a “Gen V” pokemon, which means, I assume, it doesn’t actually appear in Pearl.)

Your next pokemon should be named Turtwig. Follow this pattern, i.e.:

Zorua the turtwig.
Turtwig the seel.
Seel the pikachu.
Pikachu the…whatever.

Have fun keeping track of them.


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