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Last posted Apr 28, 2012 at 08:58AM EDT. Added Apr 28, 2012 at 07:51AM EDT
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Yeah, i know people are always complaining about the deadpool status, but i promise i’m not here to say “BNMs and Gold Members shouldn’t make entries” (because if anything, BNMs and Gold Members have my full support if they’re willing to contribute somthing good). I’m here to just mention some problems and see if there is a good way around it (other the example mentioned above)>
1. Most spam entries always remain on the site-
a) Deadpooled- Kc has been on the site for 2 years, and didn’t show any signs of being a meme in the first place. MasterPanda’s MeME is another good example of this. You could argue that it doesn’t really matter because they don’t have many veiws or have been forgotten, but that doesn’t really make a difference. I’d guess that most deadpooled entries are spam entries, with no purpose other than to just clog up the amount of deadpooled entries we have.
b) submissions- I sometimes wonder just how many spam entries are still submissions, i mean if this entry caould go unnoticed for 5 months, just imagine how many spam entries could as well?
2. The community feeds trolls- i can remember one thread where i made a suggestion that could help get rid of these entries, but i was shot down. The mods gave me some suitable reasons why such as it would cause an extra layer of complication. but one reason bothered me and still does “We like to let the community look at it before we deadpool or hide somthing”. If it has potential then yes, by all means let the community see it, but the majority of these kind of entries are obviously spam,and don’t need the community to say so. If it’s just to let the community see the kind of entries we get, that’s letting the community react to it, thus feeding the troll.

tl:dr i think mods should be more strict when it comes to spam entries, deleting obvious spam on-site, and banning troll accounts. if my argument has some holes in it, then so be it.

Last edited Apr 28, 2012 at 07:51AM EDT

Restating for the millionth time: Mods are not infallible, we make mistakes from time to time. Deadpool is a safety net in case we deadpool something that eventually does deserve a place to be documented.
Your main point of them being deadpooled and left alone for months or years doesn’t merit meaning they should be deleted under the pretense of it being spam.

Spam is defined as

1) Continual repeating of the same information to the point of it being meaningless. Advertising falls under this.

2) A canned meat product made mainly from ham.

The usual deadpooled meme doesn’t fall into either these categories. A deadpooled entry can be used to illustrate what not to do when making an entry (especially for the creator). Deleting them would be far too strict for something that’s been created by someone who has misunderstood the use of this site (especially for documentation).


If an entry goes nowhere does that really mean it deserves deadpool? At what do we decide that it’s got absolutely no chance of being notable? We don’t operate on a “everything must be notable from the start or else die” policy, so it’s okay to have entries in purgatory in submission that perhaps won’t get far.


Do you really want to lay restrictions upon entries just because there are a few bad apples in the bunch? It is true that lots of entries submitted are just obviously deadpool-worthy but a screening would be unnecessary.

On top of that, it’s the choice of many of our users to scour the newest most poorly written entries and make a witty comment in an effort to get thumbs up. A bad entry that will be deadpooled in a few days isn’t worth the effort of being screened. And no, the vast, vast majority of these entries are not made for trolling purposes. Just confused on what this site is about.


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