Butthurt Dweller / Gordo Granudo

Butthurt Dweller / Gordo Granudo

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Butthurt Dweller, also known as “Gordo Granudo”, is an image macro series that features a photo of a young adult male with a ponytail and glasses accompanied by overlaid text that involves a smug or judgmental statement.


The man depicted in the image is Finnish resident KimmoKM, who discussed the origin of the meme in an IRC interview[1]:

The meme started in a Finnish imageboard as “Ruma huora, en panisi” (ugly whore, I wouldn’t fuck her) and then later I’ve occasionally seen it flying around 4chan and other sites

There are now plenty of English variations that use the same smug approach, usually judging how sexually attractive he finds a member of the opposite sex.


“Basement Dweller” entry was first registed on Urban Dictionary[2] on October 16, 2003:

A male over the age of eightteen, usually with no formal education, who continues to live at home with his parent(s) and has no ambition to move out or contribute to society. His will to live is sucked by his daily marijuana regiment. He can be found working second shift at your local gas station. Lives in a perpetual state of “Getting his shit together.”

The meme became quite popular through web application sites like MemeGenerator[3] and Quickmeme[4].

Notable Derivatives


Rage Face

In 2011, a vectoritzed version of the Butthurt Dweller’s face began to be used in rage comics, representing the topics of the geeks.

Search Interest

Search queries for “butthurt dweller” saw a huge spike in February of 2011, and the search traffic is shown to be almost exclusively from Spain.

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