Dick Neck

Dick Neck

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Dick Neck is a nickname that was given to a Newgrounds user after he posted a photo of himself on the forums. It evolved into a photoshop meme where either the man’s face is swapped out or his neck is elongated similarly to Longcat.


Newgrounds user DrForeman[1] initially posted the photo on April 27th, 2009 in a thread titled “Embarrassing Childhood Photos”[2] with the caption “it’s embarrassing because i know none of you guys look this good.” Seven minutes later, DrForeman started a new thread titled “The Beast Awakens,”[3] in which he outlined his weekly workout routines to celebrate his second year of progress and abs finally showing through. At the end of his post, he asked for feedback “and no haters” before attaching the photo.

The first response pointed out the man’s elongated neck, which was further highlighted by the first derivative image posted less than ten minutes later. The nickname “Dick Neck” did not appear until the third page[4] of the thread, when moderator EyeLovePoozy called out the original poster for blatant attention seeking. Four days later, the thread was locked.


In June 2009, Newgrounds users began to trace the spread of Dick Neck in a forum thread.[15] Additionally, a comic[6]portraying Dick Neck’s backstory was shared by Newgrounds artist Geoff Galt. Two months later, Galt and several friends turned the comic into a flash movie[7] which came in second place of all flash on the site on August 28th, 2009. Dick Neck is also featured on the Newgrounds Wiki.[5]

Throughout the years, forum threads dedicated to this photo have appeared on automobile forum community IndyCarz[12], Indian gore forum Ogrish[13] and the Body Building forums.[14]

In January 2010, the first YTMND site[11] featuring Dick Neck and “”http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/you-spin-me-round">You Spin Me Round" as the audio track was created by user DougFukkie. In September 2010, BodyBuilding forum member DrakeThe3rd[8] posted Dick Neck’s photo in an attempt to similarly troll users on the site[9], but it went mostly unnoticed. A Facebook fan page[10] for him was created in 2010, but has only managed to gather 79 likes as of June 2012.

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