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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, usually called “El Shaddai” (Japanese: エルシャダイ) for short in Japan, is an action video game produced by Ignition entertainment to be released on the Xbox360 and PlayStation3 consoles.

A trailer released in E3 2010 became to the subject of many fan creations/parodies through Nico Nico Douga (NND) and YouTube because of weird popularity coming from a smug look of Enoch, the protagonist of this video game, and this high-falutin’ remarks below.

Lucifel : You sure that’s enough armor? (そんな装備で大丈夫か?, Sonna Soubi De Daijoubu Ka?)
Enoch : No problem. Everything’s fine (大丈夫だ、問題ない。, Daijobu Da, Mondai Nai.)"


The game has religious themes as the title itself is a reference to a religion of the same name, the story centers around Enoch a priest sent to prevent the “great flood” from happening with the aid of archangel Lucifel along with four other angels. The trailer for the game premiered at world-renowned gaming convention E3 2010.


Soon after this trailer was uploaded to YouTube on June 2010, Enoch’s weird face and their orotund remarks caught an attention among 2channel and several blogs. The oldest MAD video for this video game had already been uploaded to NND, on August 23rd, 2010[1].

But it began to spread to all over the web when Tokyo Game Show was held in September 2010. Over 600 MAD videos were uploaded to NND in that month. The amount of videos that had been uploaded to NND in its first year since the trailer was released were over 5,000[2], and many of them were uploaded to YouTube[3].

El Shaddai also caused a big sensation on the Japanes artist community pixiv. Not only parodies but also pure fan arts have been continuosly uploaded to there. In especially, Enoch and his partner Lucifel are so much loved in Yaoi[4] art works by many female Otaku. So, many of illustrations draw homosexual love of them. As of June 2011, the amount of illustrations related to this game is over 23,000[5], and they score over 32 million page views in total.[6]

This online phenomenon is described in several Japanese internet encyclopedia such as Uncyclopedia[7], Nico Nico Pedia[8] and Wikipedia.[9] Besides, it was also reported by many Japanese media such as ITmedia[10], Getnews.jp[11] and Kotaku.jp[12]. as well as Kotaku.com[13] in English.

Doujin Event

Event’s title : No problem. Everything’s fine.

Though the game hadn’t been released yet at that time,, Doujin event specialized for El Shaddai has been held by its fanatics since November 2010.[14] Hundreds or thousands of people join this event every time, and the number of them are increasing as the event is held.

According to online news reports, almost all visitors are female Otaku described above[15].


A : Sonna X De Daijoubu Ka ? (You sure that’s enough X?)
B : Daijobu Da, Mondai Nai. (No problem. Everything’s fine)"

This high versatile dialogue soon became to be used on everywhere on the internet by Japanese people who were impressed by this phrase.

In the result, “You sure that’s enough armor?” got the gold prize of Japanese internet vogue word contest 2010[16].

Developer’s Reaction

Sawaki Takeyasu, the producer of the game, have commented about this online phenomenon and fan activities in several interviews. Among them, Getnews.jp reported his comment on niconico Live.[17]

To some extent, we designed Enoch’s face and their dialogue purposefully to catch the attention of internet users. But we are surprised at this big sensation caused in such way, and appreciate to it. We planned it in 2007 and targeted mainly 2channel users because NND wasn’t so active at that time, and boom of online videos hadn’t come yet.

We fell new era has come because the online video led to an explosion in the popularity of El Shaddai.

Notable Examples


Left: Renai Circulation[18] | Right: Inoki BOM-BA-YE[19]

Left: Nico Nico Meteor Storm[20] | Right: IRL Reenactment[21]

Left: Miku Miku Dance[22] | Right: Panty and Stocking OP Parody[23]

Fan Arts

Enoch’s facial expression parodies

Its template file was uploaded by pixiv user SYO on August 25th, 2010[24], and over 200 image responses has been posted to there[25].

Blank Template

Search Interest

External References

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