Enjoy Your AIDS

Enjoy Your AIDS

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Enjoy Your AIDS is a catchphrase used in online discussions as a disapproval of another user’s post which may be deemed unworthy or gross, depending on the context. More broadly, the phrase has been used as a general diss against another user.


The phrase “enjoy your aids”[sic] was originally posted as an image macro on 4chan’s /b/ board[1] by a user named “Rabbi Bob Hitler” in 2005. Featuring a character image of Heero Yuy from the popular anime series Gundam Wing, the phrase gradually became widely adopted as an insult by the rest of 4chan community at large.


From 4chan, the phrase and the macro series spread over to other hubsites like DeviantART[3], YTMND[4] and YouTube[5], as well as internet humor forums like PBnation[5] and RandomFunnyPictures[6]. The Urban Dictionary[2] definition on the phrase was first submitted on July 23rd, 2005:

A 4chan meme that expresses contempt and disapproval
Poster 1: WOW THAT"S HAWT!
Poster 2: Yeah… sure it is. Enjoy your AIDS.


http://aidslove.ytmnd.com/ (NSFW)


The phrase “Enjoy your AIDS” has been used to discourage or criticize a wide range of behaviors and user posts, from gross or sexually deviant media content to self-congratulatory messages or bragging about one’s sexual feats. On 4chan[7], It has been also used to casually dismiss or disregard the preceding comment posted by someone else.

According to Lurkmoar[8], the meme has become a controversial subject due to its association with homophobia and the false myth that AIDS is a disease exclusive to the gay population.

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Years ago someone said this to me on my DeviantART profile after they told me they had reported everything in my gallery (I had a lot of demotivational posters in it at the time). I had no idea what they meant, now I do.


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