Peppa Pig and the caption "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN"

What Is This I Don't Even

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What Is This I Don't Even is a popular catchphrase used on message boards in response to a post so shocking or stupid to express speechlessness. It may be repeated by others to incite more confusion for the lulz, but abusing the phrase is considered a punishable offense in some communities.


On April 26th, 2007, an anonymous Paheal[1] user posted the earliest known usage of the phrase in the "source link" field of a Rule 34 post featuring the Family Guy character Meg and Lois having sex. In the source link field, the poster wrote, "What is this I don't even" (shown below).

Uploader Anonymous, April 26, 2007; 07:26 Tags Family_Guy Lois_Griffin Meg_Griffin The_Fear Source Link What is this I don't even Locked Yes (Only admins may edit these details) Info 640x834 // 225.0KB // jpg Links File Only (Backup Server)


Additionally, on April 26th, 2007, Urban Dictionary [2] user ryanxwonbin defined the phrase, "Internet meme used to indicate confusion." The post received more than 720 upvotes in less than 14 years (shown below).

TOP DEFINITION what is this i dont even Internet meme used to indicate confusion. Random dude: hey gaiz i jus cught diglet snorlax went boom ate too much kickz lolz Other dude: what is this i dont even by ryanxwonbin August 27, 2008

Over the next few years, the phrase became a commonly used expression of surprise in response to a perplexing or disgusting image or video. On July 27th, 2009, for example, Yahoo Answers [4] user Julie asked the site, "I keep seeing "what is this i dont even" in replies on forums. Where did that even start? :/ I don't get it."

Julie asked in Computers & Internet > Internet > Other - Internet · 1 decade ago What is this I don't even? I keep seeing "what is this i dont even" in replies on forums. Where did that even start? :/I don't get it. Answer A Save

Weeks later, on August 7th, 2009, YTMND [3] JDalpha22 made a site with the phrase as title. The site received more than 16,000 views in less than 12 years (shown below, left) Later that month, on August 31st, 2009, an anonymous 4chan user posted the phrase in response to a photo of an elderly man waving in an ax in a frozen body of water (shown below, right).

WHAT IS THIS ytmnd I DONT EVEN WHAT ISTHISIDONT NHAT ISTHIS IDONT EVEN WHERE'S THE PILES? NHAT ISTHIS IDONT EVEN MHAT ISTHIS IDONT EVEN NHAT ISTHIS IDONT EVEN NHAT ISTHIS I DONTEVEN File KB, 990x611, 444.jpg) Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:02:5 No.156937171 ExpImg] you know what to do >> □ Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:04: 1 No.156937427 no, really Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:04:3 No.156937504 What do? Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:05:3 No.156937677 what is this i don't even Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:05:5 No.156937769 wut >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:07: 1 No.156938059 I'm Over 9000, what is this? Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:07:2 No.156938079 im 12 what is this Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:07:3 No.156938124 hax

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WHAT IS THIS IDONT EVEN WHAT IS THIS DONT EVEN okemon! What is this,I dont even..

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