/b/ counts to 10

/b/ counts to 10

Part of a series on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement / ACTA. [View Related Entries]

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/b/ has finally counted to 10, in order to stop the ACTA in their tracks with their evil plans. After years and thousands of attempts to try to successfully count to 10 without number mixes or interruptions, /b/ has finally stepped up and counted to 10 seccessfully. in order for people to know. This is serious. The ACTA will affect everybody.

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TS;DR? Look below.

Reason why /b/ counted to 10:

This is mostly about the ACTA which will effect everybody. Meaning sites like YouTube, 4chan, and even Know Your Meme. Here is the post that started the thread:

“The time has come, Anonymous.

The US Government is currently debating and revising a bill which would give them an “internet killswitch.” This power would be granted to them in something they are calling the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.” Their justification for creating this is that it would be used to protect intellectual property, and to protect the US against cyber-warfare attacks. In reality, it simply allows the US Government to shut down any websites it wishes too, without disclosing their names to the public, effectively allowing them to censor the internet without any consent from the people.

Back in February, Anonymous lauched an assault on the Australian Government’s internet censorship plans, dubbed Operation Titstorm. The attacks were successful, and raised awareness of the bill, causing it to be revised and changed. Now, America is trying to do the same thing Australia did. We must not allow this to happen.

TLDR – read it faggot."

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