Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch

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The term Falcon Punch is used on the internet usually as an image macro as a verb for someone punching someone else intensely, it is also often portrayed as a way to abort pregnancy.


The Falcon Punch is a special move performed by Captain Falcon in the Nintendo game series Super Smash Bros. The move was originally created for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 game console and didn’t exist in Captain Falcon’s original game series F-Zero. Captain Falcon summons the power of a falcon to punch his enemies whist shouting “Falcon Punch!”.


There are 48 definitions for “Falcon Punch” on Urban Dictionary[1] and has a Encyclopedia Dramatica page[3]. Falcon Punch has since spread to Tumblr[3], Oh Internet[4] and Youtube[5].

F-Zero GP Legends

The F-Zero series had an anime based of it lasting 51 episodes. The series called F-Zero: GP Legend was first debuted in Japan on October 7, 2003. In the final episode Captain Falcon defeats the main antagonist by falcon punching him.

When Two Falcon Punches Collide

When Two Falcon Punches Collide is series of videos captured in the Super Smash Brothers of two Captain Falcon’s clashing their Falcon Punch, commonly resulting in serious disaster. The YouTube user KlydeStorm[6] and shows the collision resulting in a Blue Screen of Death.

There have been multiple parodies of KlydeStorm’s video with different endings.

Falcon Kick

The Falcon Kick, another move from the original game featured Captain Falcon kicking whist shouting “Falcon kick!”.

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