Fuck Yeah Seaking

Fuck Yeah Seaking

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Fuck Yeah Seaking is a photoshop meme that superimposes an exploitable cutout of Seaking, a water-type fish Pokémon character, in images depicting various natural disasters and scenes of horror. While it has been often criticized as a largely forced meme on the imageboard site 4chan, it eventually gained a solid fanbase and spawned a number of rhyming derivatives in similar fashion to Haters Gonna Hate.


Seaking (Japanese: アズマオウ, Azumao) is a first-generation Water-type Pokémon originally introduced in the Fire/Red edition of the game in 1996.

The photoshopping phenomenon began in a thread posted to 4chan’s /b/ (random) board[1] on April 22nd, 2007. The first post included a picture of Seaking ramming into the side of the Titanic, presumably causing it to sink. A passenger in a lifeboat is captioned with “Fuck yea! Seaking!” cheering on the oversized monster.


According to Lurkmore Wiki[2], the photoshop trend gradually spread out to different boards including /v/ (video games)[4] before appearing on other forums in 2008.[8] In April 2009, the single topic blog Fuck Yeah Seaking[9] was created, collecting images of Seaking’s destructive behaviors.

There are also comic book variants featuring Marvel’s Namor or DC’s Aquaman[7] with the caption reading ‘FUCK YEAH! SEA KING!’, both characters being rulers of their respective universes’ oceans. A similar variant also pops up occasionally in /k/, using a military helicopter called the Sea King. Additionally, people will often use phrases with words spelled very similarly, including “sneaking”[5] or “sleeping.”[6]

Notable Examples

On Tumblr

In addition, “Fuck Yeah Seaking” has been also identified as Tumblr’s very first single topic blog featuring the subdomain name “FuckYeah,” though the site itself only received a limited amount of online exposure. For more, please read KYM Blog – Interview with Ned Hepburn, the Pioneer of Fuck Yeah Tumblrs.


Search Interest

Google Insights[3] shows that “Fuck Yeah Seaking” began to pick up search interest circa mid-2007.

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I am in stitches right now from the Kool-Aid Seaking. It was so incredibly hilarious that Seaking himself burst forth from the internets and delivered a swift Horn Drill to my ribcage.

So technically, I’m in stiches in more ways than one. XD


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