Nice Boat.

Nice Boat.

Added Apr 15, 2009 at 04:31AM EDT by Blah-tan.

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On the day before the airing of the final episode of School Days in Japan, a 16 year old girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto. Due to an extremely similar scene present in the episode and to avoid relation to the axe murder, TV Kanagawa replaced it with a half hour of unrelated scenery with “Air on a G String” playing in the background. Among the shock and rage expressed among fans, a 4chan user commented “Nice Boat”, referring to the Norwegian ferry shown in the replacement footage. Immediately the phrase became a meme, however is far more popular in Japan than in English speaking countries.


Inevitably the meme spawned a tribute video.

The finale scene in question:

Original boat scene:

The meme was most popular on the few months of the finale.


The author of School Days, 0verflow, renamed their Comiket 73 booth to Nice Boat in honor of the meme.

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I remember watching this whole series and being shocked at the end with Sekai getting killed after killing Makoto.

But wouldn’t it have been banned because of the Kotonoha-Sekai scene, considering Kotonoha killed Sekai with a japanese saw(much more like an axe)

Yeah, Makoto got what he deserved.

And not only that, but at the VERY last few seconds of the final episode, Kotonoha IS ON A SIMILAR BOAT. WTF? Is that where this all came from?

I didn’t even know this was a meme until a year after I finished the series.


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