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Zaza is a YTMND series characterized by spastic, repetitive movements of dancing Black Ranger (played by Walter Jones) from the popular TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, typically set to rapper LL Cool J’s 2006 single “Control Myself” as background music.


The Zaza phenomenon began on April 5, 2006 when user MrApgar created a YTMND site titled Zaza, featuring GIF animation of Black Ranger Zack Taylor demonstrating his breakdance-influenced martial arts on the opening entrance of “the Hatch” from the TV series LOST.

This site, combined with the “Za-za-za-za-za” audio sample heard at 3:11 in LL Cool J’s song “Control Myself”, sparked the interest in “zaza” phenomenon, eventually giving it over 290,000 views.

The “za-za-za-za-za” heard in LL Cool J’s song was originally sampled from the 1982 hip hop song Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa. The audio sample first made its way over to YTMND with a popular instance of Dew Army series titled “My Chainsaw” in March 2006 (now-defunct).

Spread and Popularity

After the site’s creation, it began to receive very high ratings, spawning derivatives and variations with the “Zaza” sound popularized by the Dew Army instance and the original Zaza site. Its popularity was further boosted through a five-star bump placed by YTMND mod Inkdrinker, notorious for giving 1-star ratings to most popular YTMND sites and explanation of why he wants the site and its creator to “die in a fire.”

Due to its notability within the community, the song “Control Myself” was included in the 10th Volume of the YTMND Soundtrack.


Most of the instances sample the “Zaza” sound, but the character sprite can vary across multiple themes. Some of the more common features of “Zaza” YTMND sites are:

  • Zack Taylor dancing with customized outfit & items
  • GIF images of people dancing back and forth
  • Images of Bees and other buzzing objects



There are a few “zaza” videos on Youtube, mostly with low viewcounts, with the highest having over 70,000 views.

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